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about Celebrity Deathmatch

Want to see famous and infamous figures from the worlds of film, television, music and politics tear each other limb-from-limb? So do we! That's why we're huge fans of Celebrity Deathmatch, a clay-animated series featuring no-holds barred fantasy fights between members of the pampered set. It's the gnarliest, most over-the-top gorefest that's ever made it past broadcast censors. Celebrity Deathmatch is the only place where you can see everyone from Gwen Stefani and Jessica Simpson to Andy Milonakis and Ali G brutally mauled and dismembered. Ever wonder what Dave Chappelle's intestines look like? Watch Celebrity Deathmatch. Not only is Celebrity Deathmatch incomparably violent, it comes in huge doses! Each episode presents three full matches between clay renderings of the hottest and most notorious celebrities pitted against each other in the ring. That means that, when an otherwise satisfying decapitation of Ashton Kutcher leaves you hungry for more, you can stick around to watch Tony Hawk claw Bam Margera and The Game cash 50 Cent. And don't worry. If you're into the lighter side of violence, we've even staged a Celebrity Deathmatch between Weeman and Mini-Me. Celebrity Deathmatch also features all the pre-game and grizzly post-game activities of fight night, such as one-on-one interviews, press conferences and hilarious moments in the locker room. For those special moments, we rely on clay-faced celebrity death experts Johnny Gomez, Nick Diamond and Referee Mills Lane, as well as resident interviewer Tally Wong. Watch long enough and you may even have the great pleasure of seeing their limbs and faces ripped off. Where else, other than Celebrity Deathmatch, do plots have such satisfying finishes? Nowhere.