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  1. Steve McQueen reborn, he's chill as ice when a record is on the line. Laser-focused and relentless, his pursuit of record-breaking perfection is one of the key facets of Team C2G. Always ready to reach into his bag of tricks and whip out
    some...   Read More

  2. He's a charming, mischievous, magnetic personality with a smile that will burn your corneas. From LA by way of Virginia, Texas and New Jersey, Drew is the new breed of American hero. He's the consummate team player and will do anything it takes to...   Read More

  3. The electrifying real-life hulk that smashes all records in his path. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Ghost is a former star college athlete. He's larger than life and the rockstar of all record breakers. The stories of his astounding feats of eating...   Read More

  4. The future of comedy, he's superhero meets Night Ranger with a splash of John Belushi. A singing, gunslinging record breaking machine, nothing is too gross, and no costume to absurd to stand between him and Greatness. Including but
    not limited to:...   Read More

  5. Born in Montana on a Blackfoot Indian reservation, Rainbow is a Zen-like tattooed fire-eating badass with charisma out the yin yang. Part rapper and part martial arts master, he's got a style and a flavor all his own. The secret ingredient
    to Team...   Read More