1. Daniel is the town's golden boy; his ancestors founded his small town, and his parents are well-off and still take care of his needs. But his perfect life was marred forever when his first love was killed in an automobile accident several years...   Read More

  2. Danger longs for his parents to be proud of him but struggles with the fact that he doesn't feel he has achieved anything that warrants it. His one goal is to make a living as a pro fighter. And although everyone else agrees that he's naturally...   Read More

  3. Wes comes off as a partying country boy who likes country music, cheap beer, and fighting. But despite his outward appearance, Wes is also smart, funny, and has overcome a difficult childhood to put himself through college and into a good job....   Read More

  4. Red is busy juggling nursing school, caring for her son Jaxon and trying to find a balance between being young and being a mom. Red loves Wes, but hates watching him fight. She knows that it's in his blood but is scared that he'll get hurt. ...   Read More