Songs from the show

    1. Arizona  ‘Balloon'

    1. House of Pain  ‘Jump Around'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Ozzy Osbourne  ‘I Don't Wanna Stop'

    1. Airship Rocketship  ‘Culture War'

    1. The Procussions  ‘Little People'

    1. Wave Machines  ‘You Say The Stupidest Things'

    1. Anderson  ‘As The Ocean Rises'

    1. Gerry Saint  ‘Run For The Hills'

    1. Au Revoir Simone  ‘Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)'

    1. Kidz in the Hall  ‘Traffic'

    1. Swollen Members  ‘Killing Spree'

    1. Casxio  ‘Seventeen'

    1. Amplive  ‘Chick Pop'

    1. Phantogram  ‘When I'm Small'

    1. Geographer  ‘Kites'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Frankie & The Heartstrings  ‘Hunger'

    1. Big & Rich  ‘Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)'

    1. 134  ‘Ghost Rider'

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘Again N Again'

    1. Big Krit  ‘Country Ish'

    1. 2Much  ‘Feelin Supa Clean'

    1. Strength  ‘Metal'

    1. Plants and Animals  ‘Jeans Jeans Jeans'

    1. Act As If  ‘There's a Light'

    1. The Whigs  ‘Naked'

    1. The Rescues  ‘Let Loose The Horses'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Yours'

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘Bridge Meets South (808)'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Cigarette Pack'

    1. Taylor Swift  ‘You Belong With Me'

    1. Bruder  ‘Tear You Down'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. La Roux  ‘Bulletproof'

    1. Ronald Reed  ‘For The Ladies'

    1. AMNESTY  ‘Love Fades'

    1. School of Velocity  ‘Cause I Said'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Let Go'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Wonder'

    1. LMFAO  ‘La La La'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Pump My Pumps'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Symphonies'

    1. Asia Whiteacre  ‘Next To You'

    1. Now On  ‘Jukebox Heroes'

    1. School of Velocity  ‘Drug Of Choice'

    1. The Generationals  ‘When They Fight, They Fight'

    1. Venus Infers  ‘Waterfalls'

    1. Act As If  ‘Through Trap Doors'

    1. Freelance Whales  ‘The Great Estates'

    1. Peter Goetz  ‘My Hands'

    1. Bikini  ‘Palm Aire'

    1. JB  ‘Plastic'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Beastie Boys  ‘Sabotage'

    1. Grynch feat. Fatal Lucciauno & D. Black  ‘The Youngest In Charge'

    1. Jookabox  ‘You Cried Me'

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘Do What I Do'

    1. JB feat. Frank White  ‘A Game!'

    1. Frantic Taste  ‘Sometimes I Lie'

    1. Come On, Come On  ‘Just Say Yes'

    1. Plains  ‘Complications'

    1. Bikini  ‘Tonight'

    1. Dan Black  ‘I Love Life'

    1. Procussions  ‘Camero'

    1. Kidz In The Hall  ‘Jukebox'

    1. Gerry Saint  ‘Tell Me'

    1. Frantic Taste  ‘Romance Language'

    1. Dan Black  ‘U + Me = '

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘My Story'

    1. Bikini  ‘Acheerlaeder'

    1. Venus Infers  ‘(They Stole Today But They Won't Take Away) Tomorrow'

    1. Chasing Kings  ‘Dark Sunglasses'

    1. Bruder  ‘Tear You Down'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. White Stripes  ‘Conquest'

    1. Dig  ‘Two Sisters In Love'

    1. Strength  ‘Disaster'

    1. 2Much  ‘I'm Famous'

    1. Fyfe Dangerfield  ‘When You Walk In The Room'

    1. The Flaming Lips  ‘The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song'

    1. Gold Panda  ‘You'

    1. Mat Kearney  ‘Breathe In Breathe Out'

    1. Bruder  ‘Man Vs Man'

    1. The Whigs  ‘Someone's Daughter'

    1. Bikini  ‘Mescaline on Raratonga'

    1. Chasing Kings  ‘The Current State Of Our Future'

    1. Fabolous  ‘Young'n'

    1. Port O'Brien  ‘I Woke Up Today'

    1. MSTRKRFT  ‘Easy Love'

    1. Mat Kearney  ‘Nothing Left To Lose'

    1. Act As If  ‘Be There (Where Is Truth)'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Trio  ‘Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha'

    1. Strength  ‘Overheat'

    1. Peter Goetz  ‘Indian Summer'

    1. Arizona  ‘Diventa Blu'

    1. The Smiles  ‘Sun'

    1. The Smiles  ‘Girl I Love'

    1. The Smiles  ‘Swimming'

    1. La Roux  ‘I'm Not Your Toy'

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘When I Came Back'

    1. Via Audio  ‘Hello'

    1. Act As If  ‘Sleater Kinney'

    1. Act As If  ‘Please Be Worth This'

    1. Citizens Here And Abroad  ‘What Goes On In The Heart'

    1. Jookabox  ‘Gonna Need The Guns/Doom Hope'

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘No Competition'

    1. Freelance Whales  ‘Generator (Second Floor)'

    1. School Of Velocity  ‘Indeed'

    1. Arizona  ‘The Glowing Bird'

    1. DOM  ‘Living In America'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Survivor  ‘Eye Of The Tiger'

    1. Strength  ‘Brandy'

    1. DOM  ‘Bochicha'

    1. Anderson  ‘Sara For So Long We've Been Disconnected'

    1. Jon and Roy  ‘Five In the Morning'

    1. Bloc Party  ‘Banquet'

    1. Orgy  ‘Blue Monday'

    1. Voxhaul Broadcast  ‘Pushing Daisies'

    1. Youth Group  ‘Forever Young'

    1. Now On  ‘Blood Red Sea'

    1. Bikini  ‘American Mourning'

    1. Wave Machines  ‘Punk Spirit'

    1. Regina Spektor  ‘Us'

    1. Black Gold  ‘After The Flood'

    1. Geographer  ‘Paris'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Dave Patten  ‘Don't Stop'

    1. Bikini  ‘I Remember Being Young'

    1. The Whigs  ‘Hundred / Million'

    1. The Procussions  ‘Bap Bap'

    1. Plants and Animals  ‘The Mama Papa'

    1. Bomo  ‘A Higher Lift'

    1. Francesca Belcourt  ‘The Weather Boy'

    1. The Remainers  ‘Another Moment Like This'

    1. Illkid  ‘2 Much Funk'

    1. School of Velocity  ‘Unstoppable'

    1. Light FM  ‘Try 2 Make You Happy'

    1. Act As If  ‘Hit The Ground'

    1. The Procussions  ‘Leave Her Alone'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Cigarette Pack'

    1. Dirty Little Secret  ‘33 & 32'

    1. Barracks  ‘Big T'

    1. School of Velocity  ‘Take Off'

    1. The Remainers  ‘House'

    1. The Flares  ‘Foot Stomping'

    1. Light FM  ‘Loneliest People'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Mark Ronson  ‘Bang Bang Bang'

    1. Bikini  ‘Queen Victoria and I'

    1. Instant People  ‘Strangest Thing'

    1. Maceo & The Macks  ‘Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back)'

    1. Bikini  ‘Acheerlaeder'

    1. Notorious B.I.G.  ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems'

    1. Efterklang  ‘Modern Drift'

    1. Instant People  ‘Into The Wonder'

    1. Chase & Jonny  ‘We Can All Be Friends'

    1. Lil Wayne  ‘A Milli'

    1. Big Boi  ‘Shutterbugg'

    1. The Whigs  ‘Automatic'

    1. The Ting Tings  ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Dang Diggy Dang'

    1. Ill Kid  ‘King's Court'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Chromeo  ‘Tenderoni'

    1. The Ting Tings  ‘That's Not My Name'

    1. The Procussions  ‘Clap Clap'

    1. Astronote  ‘Drumma Boy'

    1. The Procussions  ‘12 Stops'

    1. Astronote  ‘Sonic Soul'

    1. Mad Decent  ‘Kiss'

    1. Siriusmo  ‘High Together'

    1. Dane Bowling  ‘Roulette'

    1. White Rabbits  ‘Percussion Gun'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Poet'

    1. Robbie Rivera  ‘The Big Room'

    1. Dan Black  ‘Life Slash Dreams'

    1. Geographer  ‘Verona'

    1. Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott  ‘Daydreamin''

    1. Rubik  ‘Wasteland'

    1. Kidz In The Hall  ‘I Am (Reprise)'

    1. The Anderson  ‘Sarah: For So Long We've Been Disconnected'

    1. The Ruby Suns  ‘Kenya Dig It?'

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

    1. Mark Ronson  ‘Bang Bang Bang'

    1. Notorious B.I.G.  ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems'

    1. Lil Wayne  ‘A Milli'

    1. The Ting Tings  ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go'

    1. Kidz In The Hall  ‘I Am (Reprise)'