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  1. Ben is the agent of the group and whether he operates through disguise or manipulation, he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done. From impersonating soccer stars, or sweet-talking security guards, Ben's silver tongue is one of the team's most...   Read More

  2. Where there is danger there will be Dave - the eternal optimist who is most likely to see the humor when others don't. He's an acrobat, break-dancer, and genuine lover of that life has to offer.

    His wild sense of humor can get him trouble when...   Read More

  3. Duncan is the MacGyver, the voice of reason, and the heartthrob. He's the pragmatist who brings the boys down to earth, and can be relied on to use his manpower to translate big ideas into concrete steps.

    Duncan is an all-or-nothing defender of...   Read More

  4. If Duncan's the manpower behind the problem solving, Jonnie is the think tank that pumps out the harebrained schemes. He's articulate and clear-headed and keeps the guys focused when they lose perspective.

    Jonnie's confidence in his outlandish...   Read More