Songs from the show

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

      Theme Song

    1. The Procussions  ‘Celebration'

    1. Gang Starr  ‘Work'

    1. Project Move  ‘Anthem'

    1. Gang Starr  ‘You Know My Steez'

    1. The Temper Trap  ‘Soldier On'

    1. Ming + FS  ‘Dead Zone'

    1. Airship Rocketship  ‘Numbers'

    1. Blended Babies  ‘Early 80's'

    1. The Flaming Lips  ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robot'

    1. Libbie Schrader  ‘So Close'

    1. William Fitzsimmons  ‘After Afterall'

    1. Hotspur  ‘Heads Tails'

    1. INXS  ‘I Need You Tonight'