Songs from the show

    1. Grits  ‘Ooh Ahh'

      Theme Song

    1. Plushgun  ‘Without A Light'

    1. Moe Pope & Headnotic  ‘Garbage'

    1. Project Move  ‘La La'

    1. Trek Life  ‘Price I've Paid'

    1. Fun  ‘Light A Roman Candle With Me'

    1. Moe Pope & Headnotic  ‘Danger Danger'

    1. Othello  ‘Fly'

    1. Bikini  ‘Break It To Me Baby'

    1. Javelin  ‘Intervales Theme'

    1. Project Move  ‘Woo'

    1. Stacy Clark  ‘Matter Of Time'

    1. Death Cab For Cutie  ‘What Sarah Said'

    1. Electric Wire Hustle  ‘They Don't Want'