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  1. Ben Nemtin grew up playing sports and chose rugby as his favorite. He was selected as a member of the Canadian National Rugby Team fresh out of high school. Receiving an academic and athletic scholarship into University, he went from Sciences to...   Read More

  2. Dave Lingwood is a pro break-dancer and one of those guys people just seem to like. His lust for life has brought him work in African safaris, Trinidadian carnivals, and even an audition for Cirque de Soleil. His high school dance performances...   Read More

  3. Duncan Penn is the older of the Penn brothers (and therefore the strongest). As a kid he spent his time making movies in the backyard with his brother and the other neighborhood kids, until one day he packed his bags and went East, eventually...   Read More

  4. Jonnie Penn is an accomplished activist and academic with a knack for coming up with creative ideas. Before enrolling as a History and English Lit major at McGill University, he spent his high school days filming snowboard and skate videos with his...   Read More