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  1. Out of the nine guys that came together from all over the country looking for Bromance, only three guys are still in the game: Chris, aka 'Little Bug,' from Orlando; Femi; the tough 'tiger' from Jacksonville, Florida; and Luke, the jokester Boston......  Read Full Episode Summary »


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  1. Out of the nine guys that came together from all over the country looking for Bromance, only three guys are still in the game: Chris, aka 'Little Bug,' from Orlando; Femi; the tough 'tiger' from Jacksonville, Florida; and Luke, the jokester Boston dude.

    Not surprisingly, tension has crept its way into the Bro Mansion, resulting from the last elimination. Luke is still upset that Chris tried to call him out in front of Brody. When Luke confronts Chris about it, Chris refuses to see Luke's side.

    While the boys argue about what seems to be a lost cause, Brody calls and tells them he's bringing his mom to the house. He instructs the boys to have the house looking spotless, and to remove all evidence that would sway his mom's angelic vision of him, such as alcohol bottles and the underwear wall decorations.

    The boys get to work, vacuuming, washing dishes, and even mopping the sink. As Luke pulls the last pair of panties off the wall, Brody and his mom, Linda, walk in the door. The guys are stunned at how beautiful Linda is, and try to remain on their best behavior.

    Linda starts by amusing the boys with embarrassing childhood stories about Brody, but quickly shifts gears when she announces she's not as trusting as Brody, and she has set up a test for all of them. She tells Luke he's going first, and they head upstairs.

    With the guys jeering behind him, Luke can only worry what test Linda has in store for him. When he opens the door, he sees the last thing he would ever think of: a lie detector test. Luke manages to keep his answers short and honest, even when Linda asks him if he thinks she's hot.

    Femi also manages to answer all of Linda's questions respectfully, but when Chris' turn comes up, Linda is not impressed. The lie detector buzzes harshly when Chris says he thinks Brody is 'real,' proving that he is lying. Next, Chris admits he would take a million dollars over being Brody's friend, and tops things off by saying he'll probably fantasize about Linda after he leaves the room.

    Afterwards, Linda discusses the bros with Brody, and Brody feels a little more confident about the next choice he has to make. He gathers all the bros together, and tells them they're about to visit home towns. Unfortunately, they can only go to two places, so one bro will be eliminated immediately.

    Brody gives each bro an envelope, and instructs Chris to open his first. Chris is excited to see a plane ticket enclosed to Orlando, FL. When Femi opens his envelope, expecting a second ticket to Florida, he is disappointed to see a blank slip of paper.

    Luke is confused when he also opens up a blank piece of paper, until Brody announces that his bros don't fly commercial, they're taking his private jet! Chris is left to pack his bags and board the 'poor man's' commercial jet for his solo flight home.

    Luke and Femi eagerly hop on board Brody's jet, and head to Femi's hometown first: Jacksonville, FL. Brody meets Femi's family, and with their hospitable, friendly natures, Brody feels very welcome, but comments that Femi's 'gangsta' image is shot.

    That night, the bros head out to Jacksonville Beach, where Femi runs into his (ex?) girlfriend, Jen. Even though Brody reminds Femi that Jen cheated on him twice and will probably do it again, Femi ignores the warnings and disappears with his girl. Luke comments that it's disrespectful to ditch a bro in your own hometown instead of making them feel welcome.

    The next day, Femi's friends and family have a picnic, and again, Femi disappears for awhile with Jen. Femi tells Jen that he loves her, and the two rekindle their relationship. Brody isn't happy with the decision, and decides he's ready to move on to Luke's hometown in Massachusetts.

    As soon as Brody walks in the door of Luke's Boston house, he feels right at home. Luke's parents welcome Brody with hugs, tons of food, and endearing stories about Luke. Later, the boys join some neighborhood kids for a game of stickball. Right after Brody helps a little boy hit a home-run, Luke's mom calls the bros inside for a fancy lobster dinner.

    After the boys eat their fill, they head out to Luke's favorite hang-out spot. Luke and Brody get behind the bar, but this draws a little too much attention to what these locals see as an MTV celebrity. Brody skillfully dodges some old taunts about Spencer and teasing about Lauren Conrad, but when the crowd gets a little too rowdy and Luke doesn't step in to defend him, Brody decides to call it a night.

    The bros fly back to LA, and Brody holds one last group meeting before the final elimination. He asks Femi and Luke to look each other in the eyes and tell them why they should be sent home. Luke immediately points out that Femi chose his girlfriend over showing Brody a good time, and Femi retaliates by saying Luke didn't defend Brody against his rude friends at the bar.

    After the bros have a chance to defend themselves, Brody gives them each a fancy suit. He instructs them to change clothes and be ready for the car that will pick them up individually and take them to an unknown location.

    Luke and Femi are dropped off separately at the same building, and sent to different elevators. Femi's elevator stops short and drops him off in a garage, where the only thing waiting for him is a television. Femi turns on the TV and sees a live video of Brody at a party.

    Meanwhile, Luke's elevator travels upward, and he steps out into an empty hallway. He follows the sounds of an ongoing party, and soon finds himself face-to-face with Brody once again. Femi watches from the garage TV as Luke is greeted by Brody and all of his friends, and Brody announces Luke has won Bromance.

    Brody hands over the keys to his penthouse, then goes downstairs to comfort Femi's injured ego. Femi admits he's upset that Luke beat him, but holds true to his 'inner-lion,' and announces he's licking his wounds and moving on.

    Brody heads back upstairs to the party and after toasting to their new friendship, he reveals that he has one more surprise for Luke. He leads him out to another garage, where a brand new car is waiting. Brody congratulates Luke on being his new Bromance, and the bros head back to enjoy the party in Luke's new penthouse.