1. Veteran - Typhani is the envy of all the Redneck girls. She started out as one of them, but now works in the corporate office of Redneck Heaven, as the head of the marketing department. She's always figuring out a new way to market the restaurant...   Read More

  2. Veteran - Amber has been with Redneck Heaven since the day it opened, and considers the restaurant to be her second home. When she isn't chatting up the customers, she is usually causing a ruckus as her alter ego, Sexy Kitty. Amber can be a handful...   Read More

  3. Veteran - Claire is one of Redneck Heaven's best bartenders, and has the reputation outside of the bar as being Dallas' sexiest bartender. She is one of Typhani's best friends, because they both came up together as Redneck girls. Claire loves...   Read More

  4. Veteran - Born in South Central L.A., she moved to Dallas when she was just a kid. In high school, she was chosen for a special program that allowed her to attend pre-law classes at Harvard. A taste of the Ivy leagues left Sabrina with the dream of...   Read More

  5. New Girl - Kristyn is one determined girl with big dreams. She'll do anything it takes to get her TKCC fashion line off the ground - including working at Redneck Heaven. Since she needs that good ole' Redneck Heaven money to start her own clothing...   Read More

  6. New Girl - Morgan has only been with the company for a few months, but already feels right at home. She dreams of one day becoming a barrel racer in the rodeo. However, it's an expensive job to get into and without a horse or professional training,...   Read More

  7. New Girl - Mimi is the newest of the new girls in the group. She came to Redneck looking for a new start in life and has big dreams of saving enough money to one day go to college. She's beautiful, bubbly, and pint sized, but don't let her small...   Read More

  8. New Girl - Jillian is originally from Chicago and has always planned of somehow making it back there or to NYC. In the meantime, she can't imagine any other place she'd rather be than Redneck Heaven. She is as real as it gets and won't sugar coat...   Read More

  9. New Girl - A self-described "weird" girl, Macy has had one of the most typical Texas upbringings. She knows her way around a farm, firearms, and isn't afraid of stepping in and eating cow pie. A liberal country girl, Macy has aspirations to graduate...   Read More

  10. New Girl - Mercedez was raised by her grandparents and spoiled as a child. She is anything but a country girl and despises the great outdoors. She loves working at Redneck Heaven because the money is great and it pays the bills. Plus she gets to...   Read More