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    The Big Ten is MTV's exclusive morning show for people who don't do mornings....  Read Full Summary


  1. Check out photos from this week's Big Ten show with hosts, Susie Castillo and Damien Fahey

  2. Some of your favorite strangely named stars tell you why they're called that.

  3. We ask the off-the-wall questions, and your favorite artists give us the answers.

About The Big Ten

  1. Attention all you early risers and just-coming-in-the-door night owls: The Big Ten is here to energize those humdrum weekday mornings that have you dragging your feet. It's MTV's version of the late night talk show geared towards people who need a little jumpstart in those early hours, hosted by MTV's own funnyman Damien Fahey.

    This energy boost is fueled by music, the heart and soul of The Big Ten. Each morning we bring you the 10 biggest videos around, with hits that are sure to shake off those pesky morning blues.

    When the music isn't rolling, the celebrity interviews are. Watch as Damien unleashes the five most dangerous questions on TV on Hilary Swank, Robin Thicke, Hayden Panettierre, Daniel Radcliffe, Emile Hirsch and more as they tackle our infamous "Big Ten Split".

    So give your morning routine a shake-up, grab that your favorite cup of java, and tune in to The Big Ten daily at 9am.