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    Bam Margera's gonna make an honest woman out of his lucky lady and blow the doors off the hallowed halls of matrimony (and possibly light them on fire) in the process....  Read Full Summary


  1. Time to tie the knot! With Iggy, The Sounds and guests like Tony Hawk, don't miss the biggest day in Bam and Missy's lives!

  2. Go behind the scenes with Bam as he gets tattooed, watch a very special Iggy Pop performance and more!

  3. Peep some pix of guests like Iggy Pop and check out the excitement that went down on the big day!

  4. Catch all the matrimonial madness from the season finale of Bam's Unholy Union.

  5. Get to know the stars of the show-- Bam, Missy, and the rest of the cast.

  6. Get a glimpse at pics of Missy, Bam, April and Phil and more, right here.

  7. It's been a long time since April and Phil's big day-- find out how they've survived all the years with their steps to a successful marriage.

  8. Bam and Missy InterviewBam and Missy Interview

    We caught up with the couple during their visit to "TRL". Check out what they had to say here!


  1. Everyone has a great time and the happy couple dances into the unholy night....  Read Full Summary »


  2. It's a week before the wedding, and the happy couple still hasn't gotten everything...  Read Full Summary »


  3. It's party time for the young and in love when Bam and Missy decide to have separate...  Read Full Summary »


About Bam's Unholy Union

  1. Fred and Wilma. Cliff and Clare. Al and Peg...Bam and Missy? Make room for a lovable new TV couple because Bam Margera's got himself an honest woman! Now he's getting hitched, and he's gonna blow the doors off the hallowed halls of matrimony (and possibly light them on fire) in the process.

    Bam's Unholy Union finds the never-camera-shy Jackass bad-boy flipping the script on putting together a wedding when he presses "fast forward" on the planning, taking us along for the ride.

    Together with his wifey-to-be, Bam aims to skate through his wedding arrangements in record time. Expect some speed bumps along the way -- would you expect anything less? -- and it just wouldn't be trademark Margera without the "help" of his uncouth uncles and prankster pals. (Don't worry. Dad Phil and Mom April will be bringing up the rear, most likely cleaning up some sticky situations along the way.)

    From wack wedding planners to a romantic gift for the bride (here's a
    hint: it comes wrapped in plain brown paper) to a globe-trotting bachelor party, you're cordially invited to the wedding that's just three months in the making! Skate shoes optional.