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    Ashlee's back to la-la her way through a second season of her addictive reality show. This season, we'll watch as she deals with the perks and pressures of mega-stardom and--oh yeah--that SNL snafu. Get ready for a hoedown!...  Read Full Summary


  1. We've got brand-new photos of Ashlee Simpson, exclusive to MTV.com. She's got a short 'n' sassy new 'do--don't wait to check it out!

  2. Get to know more about Ashlee Simpson and those closest to her like her Mom, Dad and that Ryan Cabrera guy who always seems to be hanging around.

  3. Could You Be a Simpson?Could You Be a Simpson?

    Blessed with talent, charm and enviable hotness, the Simpson family is the hottest clan on TV. Could you pass as Jessica and Ashlee's sibling? Take this quiz to find out if you'd fit in.

  4. Catch Sister Simpson when she headlines in the new year.

  5. Ashlee Simpson Radio

    Listen to Ashlee Simpson Radio: Ash programs Jet, Incubus, No Doubt, Jay-Z & more

  6. Ashlee Simpson's new CD Autobiography is available at MTV Shop. Buy it now!

  7. Ashlee

    Want to know more about this Texas-born musician? Find out what she has to say about her musical influences and more in our exclusive one-on-one interview.


  1. Ash and the band go through an intense rehearsal for to prepare for their first tour......  Read Full Summary »


  2. It's puppy love for Ashlee! Ryan surprises her with a new puppy named Blondie....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Ashlee performs at the Orange Bowl half-time show without a working ear piece, making it impossible for her to hear herself......  Read Full Summary »


About The Ashlee Simpson Show

  1. We watched Ashlee Simpson rise from being Jessica's cool younger sister to a multi-platinum selling artist and this new season will capture the journey and everything that comes with mega-stardom. MTV captures it all, from her infamous SNL appearance to product endorsement and movie deals, to preparing for her biggest musical challenge--her first nationwide tour. Throughout it all, Ashlee is challenged with reproving herself as a serious artist, while keeping her integrity and identity in tact. This season gives an intimate look into the crazy new world that only success can bring and culminates with Ashlee's first ever tour.