All That Rocks Trailer

about All That Rocks Trailer

All That Rocks is a down and dirty celebration of everything MTV2. A show for you, dictated by only your tastes, All That Rocks is the first show of its kind to recognize an emerging and savvy generation and take seriously the things that it loves, not the things it is told to love. Let's just say, there is no award for Ashlee Simpson here. Highly opinionated, highly involved, All That Rocks speaks for you in a way that an audience has never been spoken for prior. Whether its satiating your need to rock by booking the hottest up and coming acts in the country, or literally giving you a camera, known as "The People's Camera", allowing you to help film the show. ATR is a movement bringing democracy to the stale award show genre and completely handing it over to you, the people. Taking over the legendary CBGB's (the birth place of punk), ATR is a high-energy bonanza hosted by Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, with an unforgettable cameo from Don Vito. Featuring an exclusive audience of MTV2 fans, ten off the hook awards, and live performances from 30 Seconds To Mars, Flyleaf and Lil Wayne, All That Rocks will sound the 1st shot in the award show revolution. Insightful and insane; musicians, celebrities, hip-hop producers, magazine writers, and you, the loyal MTV2 viewer, form a community of experts, whose viewpoints and voices are woven into each category. Celebrating a diverse array of categories, from Best New Band, to the Freshest MC, from Must Have Video Game to Coolest Viral Video, All That Rocks has its finger firmly on the pulse of the street and delivers exactly what you're into. It all starts online where fans are encouraged to vote and upload their own testimonial on why their favorite nominee rocks, for their peers around the world to see.