1. Trevor attempts to shoot a ray which will end human evolution.

  2. Aeon fears she has been implanted with a behavior modification program designed by Trevor.

  3. Aeon and her partner enter an experimental ecosystem submerged in a swirling vortex of...  Read Full Summary »

  4. Aeon's battle against Trevor is overshadowed by a threat to both of them from a...  Read Full Summary »

  5. Aeon must undo the effects of a successful mission when she learns that its...  Read Full Summary »

  6. Aeon fights to rid the world of a strange mystical being whose power Trevor intends to...  Read Full Summary »

  7. In cloning Aeon, Trevor discovers she is more than her physical parts.

  8. Aeon and Trevor engage in a contest of wills over the fate of a pair of lovers separated...  Read Full Summary »

  9. Aeon's mission to neutralize Trevor's latest experiment is undone by the romantic...  Read Full Summary »

  10. Trevor installs an all-pervasive surveillance system, but Aeon discovers that he has a...  Read Full Summary »