1. After Trevor's confession at the elimination, Vikki gets Rikki to admit that he indeed told her he loved her. Rikki claims she didn't say anything because she assumed that he had said the same thing to Vikki, but Vikki points out that the decision......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. In a very dramatic conclusion, the Ikki twins each choose the person they believe they've found love with.


About Episode

  1. After Trevor's confession at the elimination, Vikki gets Rikki to admit that he indeed told her he loved her. Rikki claims she didn't say anything because she assumed that he had said the same thing to Vikki, but Vikki points out that the decision is made and there's nothing she can do about it now. With only Trevor and Rebekah left, the twins must each choose who they want to be with. The problem is they're not allowed to talk to each other about the decision, and if they both choose the same person, that person will have to choose between the twins.

    For their final group outing, Rikki and Vikki take Trevor and Rebekah to the beach for some fun in the sun. Wanting to understand Trevor's true feelings, Vikki pulls him into a tent for a private conversation. Although she still doesn't know whether he likes her more than Rikki, Vikki is reassured by Trevor that he has strong feelings for her and thinks she'd be a great girlfriend. While Vikki and Trevor talk, Rebekah and Rikki have a conversation of their own, where Rikki assures Rebekah that her son isn't a problem and she's ready for a family. Still, privately, Rikki admits that the reality of having a child in her life is a bit intimidating.

    Once they all meet up again, Rikki and Vikki have one last surprise for Trevor and Rebekah: they're parents will be coming that night to meet them. The Ikki's dad Steve, mom Becky, sister Kelly and brother Steven all arrive at the house for the tearful reunion. After a big family dinner, Rebekah and Trevor each get to sit down with the twins' parents. Although Rebekah is able to convince Steve and Becky that she is a lesbian and not just waiting for the right guy to come along, they're still concerned that Rikki and Vikki aren't yet ready to be parents themselves. After Kelly gives Trevor the third degree about his feeling for her big sisters, he heads over for his alone time with the parents. Trevor tries to start out on the right foot by telling them how much he cares for their daughters, but Steve isn't impressed by his stumbling words and suspects Trevor isn't right for his girls either.

    Rikki and Vikki send Trevor and Rebekah up to bed so they can learn what their family really thinks. Steven and Kelly say they liked both, but warmed up more to Rebekah. Steve claims to have liked them both as well, but worries that a boat captain and bartender won't be able to provide for the twins the way they deserve to be provided for and Becky agrees. Although Rikki claims they're looking for love and the money doesn't matter, both her and Vikki get teary-eyed after hearing their dad's disapproval and quickly say their goodbyes.

    The next morning, Rebekah and Trevor get a message informing them that they'll each be having dinner with one twin and switching for dessert so they can all have alone time together before the final decision. Rebekah and Vikki share an intimate Italian dinner, where Vikki confesses that she can really see making a family with Rebekah. Afterwards, they pick up where they left off in Vegas and share a steamy makeout session on the couch. Meanwhile, Trevor tells Rikki that he cares about her a lot but wants to take a step back from his confession of love in Vegas. Rikki, however, tells him that she's falling in love with him, wanting to make sure he's falling in love with just her and not Vikki too.

    Trevor heads to have dessert with Vikki, hoping to decide once and for all who he wants to be with. He admits to Vikki that he is falling in love with her...and Rikki as well. This upsets Vikki and she tells him that she doesn't want to spend their time together talking about her sister. In Rikki's cabin, she tells Rebekah how so many of her favorite memories from this experience involve Rebekah. Trevor later redeems himself by again admitting that he thinks of Vikki as a girlfriend and the two share a romantic kiss. Vikki is all the more confused because, when she's with Trevor, she wants to pick him and when she's with Rebekah, she wants to pick her.

    Trevor and Rebekah check into hotel rooms to prepare for the final elimination and reflect on their connections with both twins. Rebekah knows that, although she had a stronger connection with Rikki initially, things changed once she opened up to Vikki after seeing her connection with her son. She now knows without a doubt that Vikki is the one for her. Trevor knew that he could fall in love with both girls after they saw him in his hometown, but still isn't sure who he'll pick if he has the choice.

    Back at the house, the twins reveal to each other that they've both made their final decision after much soul-searching. Vikki admits that, even if she walks away alone, it won't be the worst day ever because at least Rikki will have found love. Still, it's nerve-racking that neither of them know who the other has chosen.

    The time has come for the final elimination, and for the first time in the competition, Rikki and Vikki will have to stand alone. Rebekah is the first to arrive, hoping that Vikki chooses her and Rikki chooses Trevor so that they can all end up happy. Rikki is the first to go, telling Rebekah that their shot at love has ended and she's in love with Trevor. When it's Vikki's turn, she confesses that she's fallen in love with two people but she too has chosen Trevor. Rikki immediately begins to cry, knowing either she or her sister will be leaving the night heart-broken.

    The twins refuse to make eye-contact with each other once Rebekah leaves, knowing the final decision will come down to Trevor and neither of them wants to lose. When he arrives, both girls admit that they've fallen in love with him and it's now up to him. Trevor admits that he didn't expect to be put in this situation and needs a moment to decide. Eventually, he says he has to follow his heart and chooses Vikki. As the two embrace, Vikki apologizes for putting him in this position but says she's happy with the decision he's made. Trevor says that, in the end, he had to go with Vikki because he can see her as his best friend and his girlfriend.

    Rikki leaves in tears, unable to watch the man she loves confess his love for her sister. She stuns both of them when she returns to congratulate Vikki and warn Trevor that he'd better be more real with her sister than he was with her. After Rikki storms off again, Vikki tells Trevor she needs to hear him explain what Rikki is talking about. Trevor admits that he told Rikki he loved her in Vegas, but explains that he realized right away that it was wrong and he knows for certain it's Vikki he loves. Satisfied, Vikki makes him tell her one more time before confessing that she loves him too. She figures that if the two of them can survive this night, they can survive anything.