1. The twins decide to take the final three contestants on a "romantic getaway" to Las Vegas so everyone can connect on a deeper level. Rebekah, Scott and Trevor are thrilled to discover they'll be staying in a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel that has......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Jealousies arise when the Ikki twins take the final three contestants to Sin City.


About Episode

  1. The twins decide to take the final three contestants on a "romantic getaway" to Las Vegas so everyone can connect on a deeper level. Rebekah, Scott and Trevor are thrilled to discover they'll be staying in a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel that has everything -- even a pool table! The twins arrive and explain that they'll have one group date during the day for everyone and then one-on-one dates at night, where one of them will get to spend time with both twins while the others are left behind.

    All five sit down for their first lunch in Vegas and Rikki and Vikki agree that the right three contestants are there. As the contestants discuss what it's like to have made it so far, Scott confesses that the twins have changed him for the better and he can see himself falling in love with either of them. Rikki tears up at the sentiment, realizing just how close she is to finding love herself.

    To determine the order of the dates, the twins decide to have the contestants play a little game of "suck and blow." On one side of the room, there's a bar covered with playing cards. Each contestant will have five minutes to get as many cards as they can across the room using only their mouths. Seeing that Trevor has the early lead, Rebekah steps up her game to try and catch up. Neither has to worry about Scott, who can barely many to pick a card up, much rather get it across the entire room. Trevor ends up winning easily, transporting a full deck of fifty-two cards. He decides to have Rebekah take the first date, followed by Scott and then himself.

    For Rebekah's date, the twins have a private cabana set up by the pool for a very intimate dinner. She's eager to tell both twins how she's feeling and comments that she knows she'd be the best wife for either of them. Vikki likes the term wife and Rebekah points out that that's the kind of commitment she's looking for in life right now. Rikki thinks it's clear that Rebekah is falling in love with one of them -- she's just not sure if it's her or Vikki.

    Rebekah admits that at first, Rikki was the one that she had a connection with and who gave her butterflies. While she always knew she was sexually attracted to Vikki, seeing Vikki with her son has made Rebekah think that Vikki might be the one. Rikki is hurt at first, but Rebekah redeems herself when she points out that she already knows how strongly she feels about Rikki.

    Back in the suite, Trevor and Scott are both feeling restless knowing Rebekah's out of the twins. They decide a guys' night out is the best cure and hit the town for some fun. With VIP treatment from the clubs and lots of hot girls, Trevor and Scott quickly forget about Rebekah's date.

    After dinner, the twins take Rebekah up to their suite so she can spend some alone time with each of them. Rikki goes first and explains that she didn't have the connection with Rebekah's son because she was focused on getting to know her entire family. Rebekah apologizes for not seeing this and the two begin kissing.

    Vikki eavesdrops outside, trying to keep her jealousy in-check. When it's finally her turn, she talks with Rebekah about her fears that there's only a sexual attraction between them. Rebekah assures her that it's way more than a sexual thing now and Vikki decides to "slip into something more comfortable" so they can get even more intimate.

    Trevor and Scott arrive home from their night out, eager to brag to Rebekah about how much fun they've had. Imagine their disappointment when they see that Rebekah's not there! After saying her goodbyes to the twins, Rebekah sneaks into Vikki's room to further explore their "connection." The guys are even more bummed the next morning when the twins and Rebekah arrive, all lovey-dovey.

    Everyone gets over it in time for the twins to take the three of them to a fully-loaded party boat they've rented for the day. After enjoying the water for a while, the group gathers to talk about the difficulty of the situation. While Trevor is very vocal about how it's hard to know the twins are hooking up with other contestants, both girls are shocked by how quiet Scott seems. Scott admits that he wishes he hadn't partied so hard the night before, but vows that his energy level will be high for his date that night.

    Scott's in for a treat, as the twins have rented out the penthouse suite and hired their very own bartender for the date. Determined to knock it out of the park, Scott confesses how much he likes both of the twins. However, his energy quickly begins to fade. The twins try and perk him up by doing shots without using their hands, busting moves on the stripper pole and even pouring ice and hot wax on his bare chest.

    Because nothing's working, Rikki and Vikki decide they'd better have their alone time with Scott before he falls completely asleep. He perks up after he and Rikki have a heart to heart, explaining how much they both like each other. Things are just starting to heat up when Vikki comes in to point out that it's her turn. Unfortunately, Scott's mind is still on Rikki and the first thing he says to Vikki is how awesome her sister is. Things get even worse when Vikki tries to snuggle but all Scott can talk about is how awesome Rikki is.

    Fed up, Vikki grabs her sister and the two decide to put Scott to bed in Vikki's room. Rikki later reveals that they had planned to have a Jacuzzi -- even though she hadn't brought a bikini along. But it looks like Scott will be missing out. Rikki and Vikki sleep in Rikki's room, leaving Scott by himself to pass out.

    Still, this doesn't keep Scott from rubbing it in Trevor and Rebekah's face when he returns to their suite with the twins the next morning. Trevor and Rebekah are clearly put off by Scott's bragging, so the twins lighten the mood by announcing that they'll be riding dune buggies that day.

    After having a blast driving around in the desert, the five-some heads to lunch. Trevor admits that he's been in a downer mood because of the breakfasts for the past two days and is just looking forward to his date that night. Rikki points out that if he blows his date, he won't have any time to redeem himself. Suddenly, Trevor's rethinking his plan to go last.

    Once Trevor finally gets his date with the girls, his happy charming self returns and impresses both twins. Trevor is quite happy he went last when Rikki and Vikki invite him up to their room for dessert. Rikki admits that she wants Trevor all to herself when he's around -- and takes advantage when Vikki steps away to look out their window. Vikki is annoyed when she looks back and sees the two making out. Never one to go down without a fight, Vikki returns to the couch to start a smooch session with Trevor of her own. Annoyed the Rikki continues to touch Trevor while Vikki's making out with him, Vikki decides to end the awkwardness and invites Trevor into her room.

    Trevor is eager to get to spend some alone time with each of the girls. He knows he likes both of them, but isn't sure which one he likes more -- or which one likes him more. Vikki can sense his confusion and is disappointed that he doesn't tell her she's the one like she'd hoped he would.

    When it's Rikki's turn, she throws him against the wall to kiss him and remind him that he's with her and not her sister now. Once things settle down, Rikki decides they need to talk. Trevor admits that he's falling in love with her, then revises to say that he actually loves her and was just holding back before. It's exactly what Rikki needed to hear, but it confuses her even more because she knows she's falling in love with Rebekah and Scott too. Because she can't say it back, Rikki ends things early and takes Trevor back into the living room.

    The next morning at breakfast, Vikki thanks everyone for opening up during the trip. Rikki, meanwhile, is distracted by the upcoming elimination. Because she and Vikki haven't talked about it, she has no idea what her sister is thinking or feeling.

    When the five return home, Rikki and Vikki separate from the group to make their decision. They agree that Rebekah is there for the right reasons and should stay. Rikki points out that they know that Scott would pick her and Rebekah would pick Vikki -- so at least that way, each twin would have someone. Vikki counters that Rikki can't keep one person around just because she's afraid the other person won't choose her. For once, Rikki agrees with her sister.

    At elimination, Rebekah is the first to receive her key. When Trevor and Scott are called forward, Trevor tells Rikki how good it felt to say what he said to her the night before. Vikki is annoyed, because it's clear that he told Rikki he loved her and would blatantly choose Rikki over her. He tries to redeem himself by saying he's fallen in love with both of them and it's very confusing for him. Scott speaks up, saying he feels a connection with both girls and knows he'd make a better boyfriend for either of them. In the end, they stick with Trevor and send Scott home.