1. With only four contestants left, it's time for the Ikki twins to meet the families! First, they head to Trevor's hometown of Narberth, Pennsylvania. A skater at heart, Trevor shows off some of his own moves before getting Rikki and Vikki geared up......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. It's double the surprise when the four remaining contestants bring the Ikki twins home to meet their families.


  2. Brush up on the most hilarious and drama-filled moments between the Ikki twins and the final four's families.


  3. Check out what happens when Rikki and Vikki offer Scott's dad a double body shot of wine.


About Episode

  1. With only four contestants left, it's time for the Ikki twins to meet the families! First, they head to Trevor's hometown of Narberth, Pennsylvania. A skater at heart, Trevor shows off some of his own moves before getting Rikki and Vikki geared up and on skateboards of their own. Noticing that Vikki seems more into the skating than into Trevor, Rikki pulls him aside for some one-on-one time. She confesses how hard it is to have such strong feelings for him and watch him falling for Vikki at the same time. But Trevor reassures her that he only wants to end up with one of them in the end and won't try to keep them both.

    Of more concern is the fact that he has to bring Rikki and Vikki home to meet his family. Besides being very conservative, Trevor's Quaker parents have no idea that he's bringing home two bisexual girls. Needless to say, they are stunned and voice concerns about the twins sharing the same morals as they've raised Trevor to have. After a tense meal, Rikki and Vikki try to show off their domestic side by clearing and washing the dishes. Unfortunately, the girls repeatedly drop utensils and show a little bit too much of themselves when they bend over to pick them up. Trevor's brother is impressed -- but his parents aren't so convinced.

    Next, the girls go to see Rebekah in her native town of Tacoma, Washington. Rebekah takes the twins to the mini-golf course, where she and Rikki head to the "makeout cave." Although Rebekah initially felt more of a connection with Rikki, she also feels very close to Vikki when they have their alone time. Rebekah's feelings are reinforced when she introduces the twins to her son, who immediately favors Vikki. While the four year old tells Rikki he wouldn't like it if she were his mommy's girlfriend, he gives Vikki the okay and even asks to sit in her lap. Both twins also bond with Rebekah's mother and sisters, who claim they don't care who Rebekah ends up with as long as she's happy and in love.

    Rikki and Vikki then fly to New York, where they take the ferry with Rosemarie to meet her family in Staten Island. As they share a picnic overlooking the Manhattan skyline, Rosemarie confesses that she's never brought a girl home -- much rather two. Rosie's family is surprisingly accepting and supportive, although her mother does get a little flustered when Vikki gives Rosemarie a big kiss in front of everyone. The twins have a bigger issue with Donkey, Rosemarie's beloved dachshund. Neither of them like that Rosie spends most of the evening doting on the pooch instead of them!

    Rosemarie has also invited her lesbian cousin, who repeatedly reminds Rosie that "sharing is caring" and gets jealous when Rosie isn't so eager to share the twins. While the twins are on a bathroom break, Rosemarie's cousin incites a screaming match when she calls Rosie a "drunk whore." Things escalate to the point that Rosie's aunt storms out and Rosemarie seeks shelter with the twins in the bathroom. Eventually, the cousins apologize and work things out and Rosemarie's is certain that the little spat hasn't tainted the evening.

    For their last home visit, the twins go to see Scott in Paramus, New Jersey. After meeting Scott's friends, Rikki and Vikki change into some bikini tops and short skirts to go meet his family -- they even bring kosher wine for the group! Both Scott's parents and aunt and uncle are impressed with the twins and credit them for the positive changes they've noticed in their son. They teach Rikki and Vikki about their Jewish roots by singing and dancing the horah then doing body shots of kosher wine off the twins. Mazel tov!

    Finally back at their mansion, the twins are faced with a tough elimination. Determined to have her voice heard, Vikki tries to go through the positives and negatives of each contestant. Rikki quickly grows tires of Vikki's nit-picking, saying she already knows that she wants to eliminate Rosemarie. She goes on to state that she knows the contestants better than Vikki, so she's not going to listen to her sister anyway. Vikki snaps and pushes Rikki to the ground before storming out of the room.

    Stunned by her sister's sudden act of violence, Rikki sheepishly goes after Vikki. Vikki apologizes for snapping but states that if they're really in this together, Rikki needs to apologize too. Rikki makes amends and promises to think of her sister moving forward.

    Shortly after the reconciliation, Rosemarie comes to see the twins. She's written them a letter, thanking them both for the experience so far and expresses her feelings for both of them. Suddenly, Rikki's not so sure about sending her home!

    Rikki and Vikki present Rebekah and Trevor with the first keys at elimination, leaving Scott and Rosemarie in the bottom two. Although her letter briefly made them reconsider, it's not enough and the twins eventually decide to send her back to Staten Island. But those Ikki twins have one more surprise for the last three contestants -- they're all heading to Las Vegas!