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  1. AdrianAdrian

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    This handsome Chilean has all the goods to make it as a model, actor and singer. Problem is, he just can't seem to follow through on anything. Maybe his sweet tooth and daily overdose of café con leche make him a bit too hyper. How many...   Read More »

  2. BrianaBriana

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    At 21, this army brat has lived all over the world, and is wise beyond her years. The style-queen of the group, she's on the verge of landing a campaign that will take her career to the next level. Maybe that's why she's glued to her Sidekick 24/7....   Read More »

  3. BrittBritt

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    A home-schooled preacher's daughter from a huge, close-knit Kansas City family, Britt finds her devout Christian values put to the test by the decadent SOBE lifestyle. Although her goal in modeling is to follow in her parents footsteps and raise...   Read More »

  4. IreneIrene

    Jeff Olson

    As owner of The Irene Marie agency, Irene plays mother to her models, overseeing their careers and advising them professionally, letting her bookers take care of the day-to-day. Make no mistake, however, the agency is a business first to Irene and...   Read More »

  5. KellyKelly

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    This St. Petersburg native is a true Florida girl. In fact, she's never even seen snow. Tall, blonde and 21, Kelly is used to getting what she wants and being in the spotlight, especially where her twin sister Sabrina is concerned. Can her ambition...   Read More »

  6. SabrinaSabrina

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    Sabrina is not the most adventurous --she hasn't even tried sushi yet. Moreover, she has lived in her twin sister Kelly's shadow ever since they were kids. But if she wants to advance her career and thrive in front of the camera, she'll have to...   Read More »

  7. SeanSean

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    Things sure have gotten more glamorous for this local boy since he was discovered taking out the trash at Arby's. Although he's a successful working model, this natural-born comedian always seems to have his fingers in a few different pies. When...   Read More »

  8. TaleshaTalesha

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    Brash, beautiful and extremely ambitious, Talesha wants it all and will stop at nothing to get it. Her experience as a member of a girl group gave her a taste of the spotlight, and she wants to make sure she stays in it. A pro in front of the camera...   Read More »

  9. TeddyTeddy

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    Discovered after entering a modeling competition on a whim back home in Niagara Falls, this 19-year-old is now living the Miami dream -- model style. Sure, he doesn't get to snowboard much anymore, but the local party scene definitely agrees with...   Read More »

  10. TracieTracie

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    This is one model who knows her way around the gym -- and the kitchen. Known as the chef of the group, she can whip up a great meal in minutes. Now in her mid-twenties, Atlanta-native Tracie is the most experienced model of the cast. She must now...   Read More »

  11. VinciVinci

    Jeff Olson at B.E.D. Restaurant & Club

    This Puerto Rican transplant is one of the most in-demand models in Miami--despite his arrogant and difficult behavior he books the gigs time after time although he is known to be a no-show to many. Vinci's good-looking and he knows it--so what if...   Read More »