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  1. This week, 50 stresses the importance of always going into a business meeting with the most powerful weapon available: your mind. With that said, he sets out to teach the contestants their next lesson: Knowldege Reigns Supreme. Hours before the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. In the most challenging episode yet, the four remaining contestants are kidnapped, blindfolded, re-educated and shot with paintball guns.


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  1. This week, 50 stresses the importance of always going into a business meeting with the most powerful weapon available: your mind. With that said, he sets out to teach the contestants their next lesson: Knowldege Reigns Supreme.

    Hours before the sun rises, 50 sends his right-hand man, Tony Yayo, to wake up the contestants at Camp Curtis. He calls the sleep-deprived contestants out of their tents with a bullhorn, dresses them in orange jumpsuits, and puts dark bags over their heads.

    The contestants are brought to an unknown location, where they are left in the dark to think and give themselves self-evaluations. A few hours later, 50 comes back, accompanied by Chris Lighty. 50 removes the bags from the contestant's heads, and the contestants immediately realize they are in an interrogation room; however, they still don't understand what is happening.

    After a few minutes of taunting the exhausted contestants, Lighty tells them to prepare for their next challenge: to learn as much facts about 50 as they can, and there will be a quiz afterward.

    50 introduces the contestants to Sha Money, Music Producer, who played an important role in 50's career early on. Next, Sahar, 50s cousin, walks in. After meeting the people who are most important in 50's life, 50 turns the contestants over to Lighty.

    Lighty, Sha Money, and Sahar educate the contestants on a variety of trivia about 50, from his favorite song to his son's name. Just as the contestant think they're about to lose their minds, 50 steps in and sends them back to Camp Curtis. But instead of crawling back into their beds, the contestants see security lined up outside with paintball guns.

    50 instructs the contestants to line up against the wall, and starts to quiz them on the trivia they learned that morning. Whoever gets a question wrong gets shot with a paintball by a trigger-happy security guard. Each contestant is surprised how much the paintballs hurt, and scramble to recall facts from earlier that morning to avoid getting shot again.

    After a few rounds, 50 is impressed at the contestant's performance, and tells security to cease fire. The contestants know 50 is trying to break them down to see who wants the money the most, and each one is prepared to fight to the end.

    After examining their wounds and cleaning off the paint, the contestants are put into a car and driven to another unknown location. When they pull up to a house and walk inside, they realize they are in the house where 50 grew up. 50 takes the contestants to the room where he spent most of his time writing songs and making albums. As the contestants crowd into the small basement space that was 50's bedroom, they realize how determined 50 was to make it big, despite his poor circumstances. The contestants are overwhelmed, and inspired to see that if 50 could make it to where he wanted to go, they can do the same.

    Later that day, as the contestants are in their tents working on their final business plan pitches, 50 brings in another guest: Ryan Schinman, CEO of Platinum Rye Entertainment. Each contestant pitches their business plan to Ryan, and each is given similar criticism as Chris Lighty gave them.

    After being grilled by Ryan Schinman, 50 calls the contestants into his office one by one for yet another test. He asks each contestant to recite the past eight lessons he has taught them, but not one contestant gets them all right. As a punishment, 50 has the contestants run nine laps around Camp Curtis -- one lap for each wrong answer. Whoever comes in last running the laps will be up for elimination.

    When the contestants step outside, they find 50's personal trainer, Jay, waiting for them. Jay runs the laps with the contestants, pushing and yelling the entire way. Ryan runs the laps with ease, but the rest of the contestants have trouble keeping up. Although Cornbreadd is exhausted halfway through, he is determined to score the second place slot, and pushes even harder.

    Ryan finishes first without breaking a sweat. Cornbreadd pushes himself to finish seconds before Larry, and Mehgan has to be coaxed by Jay to even finish the race. Ryan watches, relaxed and amused, as the rest of the contestants drop to the ground or throw up from exhaustion.

    Later that night, 50 calls everyone together for elimination, with members of G-Unit by his side. Mehgan is automatically up for elimination for losing the race, and 50 decides to bring Cornbreadd up, as well. He asks which is least important to spend his time and money on: Mehgan's personal investment of education, or Cornbreadd's investment in the suffering music industry.

    50 asks Ryan and Larry which contestant they would send home, and they each agree on Cornbreadd. But 50 likes to always go against the grind, and sees the determination in Cornbreadd's eyes. He tells Mehgan that she's just too young and full of too many ideas, and drops her, wishing her the best of luck with her education.

    Before 50 dismisses the contestants for the night, he brings in Derrick, Musso, and Nikki for an unexplained reunion. As he walks away, the remaining three contestants can only wonder and worry what's coming next.