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  1. Born Curtis Jackson III in Queens, N.Y., rapper 50 Cent had a rough start in life. His mother was murdered when he was eight, and he was dealing drugs by the time he was 12. But after a series of...   Read More

  2. RyanRyan


    Ryan's a smooth-talking salesman from Lancaster, Pa. When he's not making pitches, he runs two Web sites in order to bring in some extra cash. With a bachelor's degree in marketing, the 24-year-old thinks his areas of expertise include "people,...   Read More

  3. A true hustler, DaJuan learned everything he knows on the streets of Gary, Ind. The 22-year-old is blessed with "the gift of gab" and is a great communicator -- he can talk about anything from the economy to what's going on in the neighborhood....   Read More

  4. Just out of high school, 18-year-old Derrick is best described as "grandma's little hustler." Working for the City of Plant City, his hometown in Florida, Derrick's responsibilities include youth counseling. In fact, while he was in school, he...   Read More

  5. Jennifer is West Coast to the core. A real, Southern California girl, Jennifer has a gift for explaining things, which she owes to her experience as a cheerleading coach for fourth and fifth grade kids. But Jennifer finds herself intimidated by...   Read More

  6. Although Joanne comes across as a bit ditzy, she is a department store manager and is working on getting her business degree. She has only worked in retail, but the 25-year-old Los Angeles native thinks her persuasive nature make her a shoo-in for a...   Read More

  7. Going from rags to riches isn't easy, but Larry's been slowly but surely climbing his way to the top. As a former college athlete, he's used to performing under pressure and rallying a team. From Tampa, the 26-year-old works for a Fortune 500...   Read More

  8. With degrees in marketing and business administration, Lawrence works in customer service and as a bartender. The 23-year-old from Brooklyn, N.Y., thinks he's good at his job because people respond to his "larger than life" personality. On The...   Read More

  9. Educated on the streets of Houston, Cornbreadd attended three different colleges but never graduated. The 27-year-old has been a grocery store manager and a CEO of an underground clothing line. But he finally found the perfect career path: becoming...   Read More

  10. MehganMehgan


    A business entrepreneurship major in college, Mehgan can sometimes be a snob. But after graduating high school in just three years -- with honors -- the Houston native probably deserves to be. Plus, the 18-year-old sales associate received an award...   Read More

  11. Nathan is a success story waiting to happen. Coming from a family that owns six businesses, he is almost a businessman by birth. Armed with an MBA, the 20-year-old Calhoun, Ga., native now owns his own business. Having entered college at just 15,...   Read More

  12. Nikki always brings the drama, especially since her greatest claim to fame is that she can manipulate her way through anything. Although unemployed, the 26-year-old from Circle Aurora, Ill., has a degree in advertising. The quick learner even earned...   Read More

  13. Willing to do just about anything to get ahead, Nima is proud of being able to talk trash and manipulate situations to get what he wants. Although the Thousand Oaks, Calif., resident is a college dropout, the 21-year-old thinks he has a leg up on...   Read More

  14. A master manipulator, Precious prides herself on talking trash and making any and all situations tilt in her favor. The 20-year-old talent scout calls Lancaster, Calif., home, where she was raised by entrepreneurial parents that own nine companies....   Read More

  15. A fish out of water, Rebecca enjoys yoga, meditation and cooking vegan meals. The 21-year-old assistant from Santa Monica, Calif., thinks her greatest gift is her ability to comprehend the destructive, materialistic lifestyle choices people make,...   Read More