Songs from the show

    1. Soul Kitchen  ‘Horse Hoof'

    1. EQ  ‘Whitewidow Sting'

    1. Caspian  ‘Further Up'

    1. National Skyline  ‘Maritime'

    1. New Frontiers  ‘Black Lungs'

    1. Controlling The Famous  ‘Highway Parking Lot'

    1. Celebrity  ‘Average'

    1. Eksi Ekso  ‘Killing Texas'

    1. Brandon Patton  ‘Ashes and Stains'

    1. Celebrity  ‘Circulate'

    1. Slowride  ‘A New Day Is Upon Us'

    1. Brandon Patton  ‘Someday When We're Old'

    1. Cale Parks  ‘SS1'

    1. Moving Mountains  ‘Cover the Roots Lower the Stems'

    1. National Skyline  ‘I'm A Ghost II'

    1. Olivia Broadfield  ‘Safe'

    1. Soul Kitchen  ‘Hold Out'

    1. Soul Kitchen  ‘Dusk'

    1. Soul Kitchen  ‘Black and Blue'

    1. Bluebird  ‘Hereditary Transmissions'

    1. Dark Brown  ‘Absence of Light'

    1. Soul Kitchen  ‘Blue Sky'

    1. National Skyline  ‘Bliss & Death'

    1. A Weather  ‘It's Good to Know'

    1. Eksi Ekso  ‘O' God, They've Frozen'

    1. Whispertown 2000  ‘Atlantis'

    1. ALyX  ‘Bluest Skies (Danny New)'

    1. Daydream Nation  ‘Untitled'