Songs from the show

    1. The A-sides  ‘Park Avenue'

    1. Brad Byrd  ‘Weird Enough'

    1. Filligar  ‘Succession, I Guess'

    1. An Horse  ‘Shoes Watch'

    1. The Protectors  ‘Contraband'

    1. Lapush  ‘Run'

    1. Tim Cullen  ‘Valentine'

    1. The New Frontiers  ‘Who Will Give Us Love'

    1. Brad Byrd  ‘I Swear You're Out There'

    1. Dwarves  ‘Go!'

    1. Thom Donovan  ‘Too Late'

    1. Eksi Ekso  ‘Nitnb'

    1. Emile Millar  ‘I Bet'

    1. Sugarman Three  ‘Chicken Half'

    1. Kilroy  ‘One Greet Tree'

    1. Emile Millar  ‘Miles and Miles'

    1. The Pacific  ‘Live in a Dream'

    1. Joanna Barbera  ‘Goin' Down'

    1. Chris Ballew (PUMP)  ‘Cars Up On Blocks'

    1. The Civil Tones  ‘Short Hello and A Long Goodbye'

    1. Joanna Barbera  ‘Somewhere is Tonight'

    1. Daniel Bess  ‘Singing Out of Tune'

    1. Jon McKiel  ‘The Cure'

    1. Emile Millar  ‘America Waves'

    1. Tokyo Police Club  ‘Juno'

    1. Olivia Broadfield  ‘Run on Home'

    1. Lapush  ‘All the Lost Souls'

    1. Joanna Barbera  ‘Bus Stop'

    1. The Protectors  ‘Bomb Squad'

    1. Sink to See  ‘Realize (Pigmix)'

    1. Lisa Germano  ‘The Moon in Hell'

    1. On Fire  ‘New Jersey is For Lovers'

    1. Joanna Barbera  ‘Fat Face'

    1. Olivia Broadfield  ‘Silence'

    1. Olivia Broadfield  ‘Day Life'