Songs from the show

    1. Small Arms Dealer  ‘A Fire in Mine'

    1. Mock Orange  ‘I Keep Saying So Long'

    1. Jenni Alpert  ‘All We Need Is Love'

    1. Small Arms Dealer  ‘Baby's Too High to Drive Tonight'

    1. Big in Japan  ‘Kiss Me Good (Inst)'

    1. Group Sounds  ‘Temporarily in Love'

    1. Via Audio  ‘Modern Day Saints'

    1. Another Cynthia  ‘Shook (I Went White)'

    1. Hail Social  ‘Get in the Car'

    1. The Black Seeds  ‘Heavy Mono E'

    1. Emile Millar  ‘Simply Seductive'

    1. Roland Valazques (PUMP)  ‘The River'

    1. What Made Milwaukee Famous  ‘Trying to Never Catch Up'

    1. The Hives  ‘Hate to Say I Told You So'

    1. Joanna Barbera  ‘Lover for Today'

    1. Lisa Germano  ‘Red Thread (Inst)'

    1. Free Diamonds  ‘Land of Giants'

    1. Nelly Furtado  ‘In God's Hands'

    1. Soundfile Prod.  ‘Just Make Sure You Shake It Right'

    1. TI  ‘24s (clean)'

    1. Gega New Ltd (PUMP)  ‘Ivanovici, Donauwellen Waltzer'

    1. Desert City Soundtrack  ‘First Sickness (Inst)'

    1. Bluebird  ‘Lillie May'

    1. GoBig! Music  ‘Adopted'

    1. Firewisp (PUMP)  ‘How Unfortunate'

    1. Bluebird  ‘Moonless'

    1. South  ‘Flesh and Bone'

    1. Dirty On Purpose  ‘No Radio'

    1. Adam Ant  ‘Puss 'n Boots'

    1. All Smiles  ‘Brother I Know My Way'

    1. Classound (PUMP)  ‘Fur Elise 155'

    1. The Beautiful Girls  ‘Let's Take the Long Way Home'

    1. This Will Destroy You  ‘They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light'

    1. South  ‘Every Light Has Blown'