Songs from the show

    1. Eugene  ‘21 People'

    1. Tiny Animals  ‘Denver'

    1. Coco B's  ‘Bluebird'

    1. Bedroom Walls  ‘Somewhere in Newhall'

    1. Last Days Of April  ‘Make Friends with Time'

    1. Lapush  ‘Hideaway'

    1. Mock Orange  ‘Poster Child'

    1. Feist  ‘Mushaboom'

    1. Jon McKiel  ‘Walking with the Dead'

    1. The Little Heroes  ‘Thank You'

    1. Andrew Paley  ‘The Siren and the Swan'

    1. Brad Byrd  ‘The Ever Changing Picture'

    1. Bedroom Walls  ‘Making Atoms Jump Like Trick Dogs'

    1. The Lemonheads  ‘Confetti'

    1. Andrew Paley  ‘A Moving Train'

    1. Bedroom Walls  ‘Kathy in Her Bedroom'

    1. Forgotten Boys  ‘Buy Buy Baby'

    1. Death Cab For Cutie  ‘Marching Bands of Manhattan'

    1. Mika  ‘Love Today'

    1. The Breeders  ‘Divine Hammer'

    1. Nick Hayward  ‘Kite'

    1. Travis  ‘Why Does It Always Rain on Me?'

    1. Coco B’s  ‘Hi Neighbor'

    1. Hail Social  ‘No Title'

    1. Headlights  ‘January'

    1. Black Tie Dynasty  ‘Debt'

    1. The Beautiful Girls  ‘Shot Down'

    1. Moving Mountains  ‘Aphelion'

    1. KRS-One  ‘MC's Act Like They Don't Know'

    1. Via Audio  ‘Numb'

    1. On Fire  ‘Please Remember'

    1. Tiny Animals  ‘I'd Give It All Away'

    1. Ian Love  ‘Hold Me Now'

    1. Ride Your Bike  ‘We All Have Our Own Shoes'

    1. This Will Distroy You  ‘Burial on the Presidio Banks'

    1. Death Cab For Cutie  ‘Brothers on a Hotel Bed'