1. Ebony is a teenage military brat from Colorado Springs, CO -- home of the Air Force. She lives at home with her mom and spends all her time with her fiancée, Josh. They're both in the JROTC and have big dreams of getting married and joining......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Ebony lives at home with mom and spends all her time with fiancé, Josh. But now that Ebony is pregnant, everything may have to change.


  2. Watch scenes of Ebony from Episode 4 of '16 and Pregnant' that you won't see on air.


About Episode

  1. Ebony is a teenage military brat from Colorado Springs, CO -- home of the Air Force. She lives at home with her mom and spends all her time with her fiancée, Josh. They're both in the JROTC and have big dreams of getting married and joining the Air Force together after high school. But now that Ebony is pregnant her senior year, everything may have to change.

    Ebony was extremely athletic, the top female in her JROTC class. But at almost 7 months pregnant, it's all Ebony can do to squeeze in to her uniform. High school becomes a daily struggle, not just in terms of getting around physically, but in facing her peers and their outspoken opinions about her situation.

    Things at home aren't any easier -- Ebony's mom is very supportive of Ebony's decisions, but Josh's parents are concerned that Josh won't graduate. They treat him like an irresponsible child... which may not be far from the truth. Once Josh hints that he might not really want to get married, Ebony starts to worry about his maturity as well.

    The next day at school, Ebony attends a support group for teen mothers in high school. They share stories about how even though being a teen mom and a student is hard, it's possible. Hearing about the challenges, Ebony is nervous about what the future holds. After school, Ebony's mom chastises Ebony for not having thought things through about joining the Air Force. To get some answers, Ebony and Josh visit a recruiter who tells them that, because of the baby, only one of them can join and the other can't. Despite her disappointment, Ebony becomes determined for Josh to enlist, and she struggles to get him to exercise maturity and concentrate on school.

    Josh and Ebony go to the doctor to hear the heartbeat and they find out it's a girl. The doctor does a quick physical and when they weigh Ebony they find she's gained 40 pounds. Even with the extra pounds, she still has to find a prom dress. When shopping with her mom, Ebony breaks down about how big she's gotten. Even though she's about to pop, Ebony and Josh have a great time at prom and enjoy the last moments of high school together.

    But the good times don't last long - Josh and his father get called into the guidance counselor who tells him he is very close to not graduating due to massive amounts of unexcused absences. This starts a heated argument that gets Josh kicked out of his house. While staying at Ebony's house, Ebony becomes fed up with Josh's increasingly childish behavior. His parents call them over for a discussion and they reconcile so Josh and Ebony can still stay there part-time.

    Before they know it, Ebony's having contractions and she's off to the hospital. After hours of hard labor, Jocelyn is born, and Josh almost looks like a real dad as he holds his baby girl. Two weeks later, Ebony finds out that in order to graduate, Josh is going to have to watch Jocelyn after school Ebony can go to after hours classes. But Josh doesn't keep up his end of the deal and instead goes out with friends. Ebony confides in her friend Ocean that all she wants is for Josh to realize that she can't do this on her own. When she tells Josh to grow up start acting like a father, he rebukes, saying that he is.

    The tension mounts and Ebony and Josh have a big blow out. Josh explains how much he has going on and the stress, and Ebony urges him to start acting like a father. She feels she has made more sacrifices--giving up graduating, going into the Air Force, and being a teenager. She knows that Josh will always be childish and fears for their future. But despite all that, Ebony wants to make it work.

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