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'The Vampire Diaries' cast members shares details on the upcoming season premiere.

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Jennette McCurdy gives us a tour of the 'Sam and Cat' set.

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Emma Roberts talks about 'We're The Millers' and gives advice on how to survive a road trip.

Meet Lenay

Learn more about '10 on Top' host, Lenay Dunn!

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  1. Learn more about '10 on Top' host, Lenay Dunn!

  2. Get to know 10 on Top's featured artist, Wallpaper.!

  3. Got an opinion on a celebrity we covered? Then get in on the conversation and speak your mind!

About 10 on Top

  1. More than ever, young celebrities are pop culture power players, doing more moving and shaking in a single week than previous stars did in a lifetime. Each week MTV will present MTV's '10 on Top', a half-hour countdown of the Top 10 most texted and talked about young celebs at the moment. Their ranking will be influenced by the audience - based on the chatter they elicit, and the headlines they create each week, as well as the amount of buzz about their upcoming projects and events (appearances, premieres, tours, etc.).

    Host Lenay Dunn will guide viewers through the countdown, introducing hot, new talent, and delivering up exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. It's an entertaining summary of a week in the lives of young superstar entertainers--what deals they landed, whose hearts they broke, whose star is shining brightest right now, and whose will rise next.

    10 on Top will be the weekly destination for our saavy, pop-loving, Tweet-happy audience.

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