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Where has Snoop Dogg made a bigger impact: on rap music or on the way people talk? Hard to say, but Snoop has a message for anyone still trying to talk like him: Let it go. These days he's more focused on making an impact in the movie business, and his latest film, "Soul Plane," opens Friday. MTV News' Ryan J. Downey caught up with the Doggfather to bury the "izzle" as well as rumors that "Soul Plane" is an "Airplane!" rip-off and talk of Spike Lee hating on it.

MTV: So the word is that you've been telling people the "izzle" is over.

Snoop Dogg: The message is LIG: Let it go. OK, America? Let it go. You can't say "izzle" no more. Tizzle, fizzle, dizzle — none of that. It's over with. LIG. Let it go.

MTV: What happened?

 "This is your captain speaking..."
 "Soul Plane" Photos
 Snoop, Method Man and hotties at the 'Soul Plane' premiere
Snoop: I overdosed on it. I'm seeing it everywhere, you know what I'm saying? It's like, it becomes bad after it becomes too much, you know what I'm saying? I overdosed off of it. So let's find something new. Maybe pig Latin, anything. Come on.

MTV: Gotcha. So your new movie, "Soul Plane" — it was originally hyped as a remake of "Airplane!," but it really isn't, is it?

Snoop: When they first came up with the idea, they probably wanted it to be a remake of "Airplane!," but once [director] Jessy [Terrero] got a hold of it, I think they revamped it and made it more about today and the generation today and what we going through. And I think it was for the benefit of the betterment of this project. I think it made the project better and it has more substance now. It's not looked at as a spoof or a remake, but an original movie.

MTV: Did you have much creative input in this film?

Snoop: Yeah, definitely. But that's because the director, Jessy, you know, he comes from the music [video] world. Anytime you got a music director, you know, directing a movie with a rap artist, they're going to have ups and downs, and they gonna work it out. So we have an understanding to where [it's like], "Nah, I think he should be like this, Jessy. Let me make him like that." "Oh, go ahead, Dogg." So it is like I have that open window, because he knows I'm going to give this character all of what he needs, and being a music director, he knows that I need my room to say what I need to say. That's why I think it came off so well.

MTV: Were there things you brought to the character of Captain Mack that weren't in the script?

Snoop: His whole look, his attitude, his demeanor — just the way he handles everything, you know? Captain Mack was just a cool guy. But once you put Snoop Dogg in him, he becomes the coolest captain that's fly with the spinners spinning on his neck ... ready to fly the friendly skies.

MTV: Where do you think we'll pick up with Captain Mack if there's a "Soul Plane 2"?

Snoop: He definitely gonna have to get some security to watch over his chain when he decides to take a catnap. But, you know, I've got to have a sex scene too. I did not like the fact that the fine little girl was up in the cockpit ... and I was nowhere to be found. That's what I'm saying.

MTV: Still, even though you didn't get a sex scene, it sounds like you had a lot of freedom to do what you wanted to do.

Snoop: Yeah, that's what Jessy gave us. Jessy, I gotta give him a shout-out. I'm happy to see my boy go from music videos to the big screen and do it so well and so classy, 'cause a lot of people hated on this project. A lot of people didn't want me to be a part of it. They talked bad about it ... and you know what? I believed in Jessy, and I think everybody else did, too, and it came together well. Hopefully America will enjoy this movie and, you know, get what we put into it. A good time — that is what it's all about, having a good time. Riding on the "Soul Plane" so we can come back and do it again.

MTV: Your co-star Tom Arnold said Spike Lee hasn't seen the movie yet but that he's pissed off about it. Have you heard about this?

Snoop: I just seen Spike at the "Troy" premiere. We sat two seats from each other, and he didn't say nothing to me about the movie. He shook my hand. See, that's the media, always wanting us to be fighting with each other. Spike ain't mad at this movie. He loves this movie. Everybody loves this movie. Why be mad? It's only a comedy movie. It's not real. It's a comedy movie. Be mad at "The Passion of the Christ" or something — something that made $700 million off of killing Jesus the whole movie. We having fun. We smiling. Enjoy.

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