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In "Resident Evil: Apocalypse," the new sequel to the 2002 videogame-inspired hit, Milla Jovovich returns as the amnesia-prone bionic beauty Alice, leader of an elite military task force assembled to contain the hungry mutants and zombies wreaking havoc on bland Raccoon City. Alice's primary foe turns out to be the larger-than-life Nemesis, but she also has to deal with the creeps at the Umbrella Corporation, who figure that nuking the city will provide cover for their bioengineering mishap. Jovovich reveals how she gets her kicks to MTV News' Kelly Marino and relives the cold comfort of a midwinter Toronto shoot.

MTV: After watching you in this movie, a lot of people are going to be saying to themselves, "I have to go back to the gym."

 "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" photos

Milla Jovovich: But it's not about the gym. I hate the gym. Like, no way. If I tried to get like that in the gym, I would kill myself. That's martial arts. It's like, you go on a StairMaster for an hour, it's the most boring thing in the world and you never want to go back to the gym. But go and take a martial-arts class, an hour flies by, you don't even realize it, and you've done the same amount of work on your butt and you're sweating more. And your mind works, because you have to focus and you forget everything else. But when you're at the gym, you don't forget; you count every single second. You know what I mean?

MTV: Totally.

Jovovich: In martial arts, you really forget. Suddenly the teacher is like, "OK, thank you," and you're like, "What do you mean? Oh. Oh, wow! OK, I'm done." I would recommend it to every woman because you don't need strength. You need speed, you need brains, and you need to be fluid. But it's not about strength, it's about smarts, so it doesn't only get you in shape. I'm in better shape now at 28 than when I was 16. I'd recommend martial arts to every girl because it's perfect for women.

MTV: "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" seems a lot more action-packed than the original.

Jovovich: Definitely.

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MTV: Was it more challenging to make?

Jovovich: Oh yeah. I mean, it's funny because you can only sort of take from your last experience. When I finished the first one, I thought I'd gone through so much and I was like, "Oh yeah, it was so hard." But I have to say I didn't know what hard was until I got out there. I'm not even talking about rehearsals. I'm talking about literally being on the set during a Toronto winter, dressed like we were dressed, and doing these crazy fight sequences. I trained for four months with the Nemesis, before he had the mask and costume on. And when he put the mask on, he couldn't see me out of one eye. And listen, when that six-foot, eight-inch guy starts a punch, there ain't nothing that's going to stop it. So he's like, "Milla, just duck and be aware because I can't see you."

MTV: Were there any injuries on the set?

 "... you can't get out without getting some sort of injury."

Jovovich: Oh yeah. We all got injured. I pulled a tendon in my leg. We had to actually switch some of the kicks to my other leg, 'cause I couldn't extend one leg at all. I just got back from shooting another movie in China, and it was still bothering me there. It's definitely par for the course. With these movies you can't get out without getting some sort of injury. Then again, I think that's why people like to go see them. They know that this stuff is for sure fantasy and fake, but people have to go through hell making it. These action films are not just special effects and stuff. It would almost not be as fun to watch if you didn't imagine that people suffered making it, because then it would be like, "So who cares?" When you see us up there, a lot of it is not acting. We're reacting to what's actually happening. And we're freezing, too, of course.

MTV: So setting acting aside, let's talk about your music. Are you working on another album?

Jovovich: Well, I'm always working on music. I released a lot of ideas and little demos on my Web site, millaj.com, so it's always fun because people can download stuff, like MP3s of new material. I'm working on a record with a friend of mine right now, but of course it's hard for me to just take six months and focus only on music because I don't really expect to make money out of it. I don't expect to make videos, so it's not going to be the typical promotional campaign. So I want to share with people for the moment, but I'm not interested in making a business out of it or selling albums or anything. I like to perform, and just love to record, so you can download it off the Internet, which is good.

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