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— by Larry Carroll

Unless you've been living under a rock the size of one of her parents' luxury hotels, you probably know a lot about Paris Hilton. But did you know she started acting at age six? With next month's remake of the classic shriekfest "House of Wax," the world's most famous heiress hopes to add one more reason why somebody else should clean up after her: She's a movie star. In this week's episode of "Movie Life" (premiering Thursday at 11 p.m. ET/PT) Paris does some cooking, gets butterflies in her stomach that threaten the film, and even learns how to (gasp!) exercise. Hilton took some time out to relive the "Wax" experience, revealing that she's just a normal girl who likes earning her own money and loves Marilyn Monroe. If you think you've already seen it all when it comes to Paris Hilton, you'd better look again.

Ever wonder what it's really like to be in a movie? Go behind the scenes with Chad, Elisha, Paris and Jared in "Movie Life: House of Wax."

MTV: Tell us about your character in "House of Wax."

Paris Hilton: My name's Paige, and I'm just a small-town girl. Me and Elisha [Cuthbert] are best friends. And I think that I'm pregnant, so I'm nervous.

MTV: When is the first time you can remember wanting to be an actress?

Hilton: When I was like 6 years old and I really wanted the lead role in [a stage production of] "Annie," and I got it. I just love acting, ever since I was little.

MTV: Was there a certain movie star you wanted to be?

Hilton: I always loved Marilyn Monroe. I thought she was so beautiful. I also loved Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." She's sexy.

MTV: Would you ever want to remake a Monroe movie like "The Seven Year Itch" or "Some Like it Hot"

Hilton: Yeah, there's some talk.

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MTV: "Movie Life" shows us how tough it is to act. Some people will probably watch the show and think, "Paris has plenty of money. Why doesn't she sit back and relax for the rest of her life?" What would you say to them?

Hilton: I love making my own money and not having to get anything from my parents. It's a fun job, and I love it. It's nice to make your own living and do your own thing.

MTV: On last week's episode, we saw you attending a little girl's "Paris Hilton" party. Was it weird seeing all these tiny little versions of you?

Hilton: No, it was really cute. I've been to a couple of parties like that, where they have that theme. I just thought it was sweet. The little girls were really sweet. And it really made her day, so things like that make me happy to do for people.

MTV: In "House of Wax," you act opposite Chad Michael Murray. What kind of expectations did you have of him going in?

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Hilton: I didn't really have any preconceptions of Chad. I didn't really know anything about him. I'd seen him in "Freaky Friday," and that was about it. I thought he was really cute.

MTV: What did you think of his acting in the film?

Hilton: I was really impressed. He's really serious about his work, and he's a good actor. And out of everyone, I think he was the most serious, like into it.

MTV: What about your producer, Joel Silver? Were you scared to meet the man behind so many blockbusters?

Hilton: Joel's really sweet. The first time I met him I was really nervous 'cause, you know, it's Joel Silver. When I met him, he was like one of the nicest men ever, and I really get along with him and respect him. Now I'm not shy with him at all or scared of him. I love him; I think he's a really amazing person.

MTV: Did it break your heart when Joel told you that you had to wear clothes appropriate for Paige, not Paris?

Hilton: Yeah, but I'm glad he did because it would have really been painful during shooting to wear heels, and plus it didn't go with my character. I'm glad that I listened to him, because Paige is not Paris.

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MTV: So would Paris normally wear high heels to go camping?

Hilton: No, I wouldn't.

MTV: Do you think you had an advantage over all of your co-stars because of your reality-show experience?

Hilton: Because this is going on my fourth season of ["The Simple Life"], I'm very used to being on a reality show. I just told everybody to make sure, when they're getting filmed, [to remember that] the mic is always on even if you're in another room and things like that — just to be careful.

MTV: Have you reached the point now where it's stranger when you don't have cameras following you around?

Hilton: No, I only do my show like a month at a time. The rest of the time I just try to stay normal.

MTV: This is your most important movie role yet. Were there any concerns that all these cameras would take away from your concentration?

Hilton: Yeah, at first we were a little bit leery of not only having the pressure of being in a movie, but also of being in a reality show at the same time. That was kind of hard, but you get used to it. I think the show turned out really cute. And it shows how to make a movie, and that's really interesting to people.

MTV: Chad seemed to enjoy pushing the "Movie Life" cameras away. Were you ever tempted to do the same?

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Hilton: You know, they were really not that intrusive at all. If you wanted to be filmed, you'd just ask them to come film you. If you don't, they don't. So, it wasn't like my reality show, where you have to be filmed every second.

MTV: Have you seen the original "House of Wax?"

Hilton: Yeah. I think ours is much better. But it's really creepy and scary and good.

MTV: The media is so obsessed with your love life. Have you ever considered dating some old guy like Nick Nolte just to mess with the tabloids?

Hilton: No. I think the media writes enough stuff about me that I don't need to make up stories. They make up their own.

MTV: Now the most important question: What is Tinkerbell doing at this very moment?

Hilton: She's with me right now in the trailer with Bambi, my new dog, sleeping in my shoe. Bambi is the same exact as Tinkerbell, but a boy.

MTV: Did your dogs ever play with Chad's?

Hilton: His dogs are too big for Tinks. I was with him when he bought his dog, the one in Australia.

MTV: Did you think it was sad when Chad discovered that his dog only had one testicle?

Hilton: Whatever. It's just a dog. No one will ever make fun of him for it.

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