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As Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar vanquished more than her share of supernatural enemies, but in "The Grudge" she may be up against her biggest challenge yet. In this remake of the 2003 Japanese horror flick "Ju-On," Gellar plays Karen, an American nurse in Tokyo who becomes exposed to a curse that fills its victims with a powerful rage. MTV News caught up with the actress to find out if anything got lost in translation, and whether anything can still scare the Slayer.

MTV: This movie was really frightening, and you've been in other scary stuff, like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Scream 2." What is it that attracts you to these types of roles?

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Sarah Michelle Gellar: I love movies that make you feel something. I love movies that you walk away and you keep thinking about them. I'd be so disappointed to make a movie and people went, "Oh, that was good" and they went on with their life. I like movies that stick with you, and I like characters where women get to do something, where women are active, where women drive a story. And this is a genre where women get that opportunity to ... to really do that.

MTV: And what brought you to this particular project?

Gellar: So many things. I've seen the original movie, and I was fascinated by it. I thought it was so different than anything I'd ever seen. And then next you hear Sam Raimi [is executive producing it], you go, "Wow, OK, he's pretty great." And then you hear it's shooting in Japan for three months. And then you hear that the original Japanese director is going to direct it. And never before has a Japanese film ever been remade for English-speaking audiences with the original Japanese director. I mean, this is a first. This is a Japanese movie in English. And all those combined made for an opportunity that was really once in a lifetime for me.

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MTV: And how was it working with Takashi Shimizu? He doesn't speak very much English. Was it funny? Was it weird?

Gellar: It was so much easier than I ever anticipated that it would be. Because you just realize that you don't need language to make friends. That there are other ways in which you can bond with people and get to know them and really get to understand them. And I think Shimizu is pretty well educated in me. I mean, I think that he understands me. He's incredibly intuitive. He's a really smart man. I mean, this man made a movie in a language that he doesn't understand, and I don't think I could do that — that I could go out tomorrow and make a Japanese film.

MTV: Are you worried about how the ending was changed from the original?

Gellar: It's not a different ending. It's an epilogue. We added to the film. But I haven't seen the whole ending, I have to be honest. I'm waiting, actually, for the premiere to see it. I have no worries about this film. I am so proud of this film. I'm proud of the job that everyone did. I think it's really different. I think it's really intelligent. I think that audiences are going to get scared, but they're also gonna think. I don't think it's what people are gonna expect from it. I think that it's emotional. I think that it's a kind of tragic story. ... But I'm not worried, because I really like the film, and I think that people will like the film. I think they'll have a good time.

MTV: Since you've worked with all these demons and vampires on TV and all the scary things that you've worked with in the movies, does anything scare you anymore?

Gellar: I can easily get scared in a scary movie, as long as the movie is good. Like I said, I like movies that make me feel, and if a movie's good I can get lost in it completely.

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MTV: What are you working on next?

Gellar: I am working on a vacation. I am working on a little bit of a break, which I've not had in maybe 15 years straight, and I'm excited.

MTV: How much time are you gonna take off?

Gellar: I haven't actually decided yet. You know, this was such an amazing experience, and I had such a great time, and I love this project so dearly that I want to wait until I have that feeling again, so I don't know how long.

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