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— by Corey Moss

PASADENA, California — Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, on the balcony of a church and clad in tuxedos, are, naturally, talking about weddings.

"If you were going to get married — and be honest — would I be one of your groomsmen?" Wilson asks Vaughn. "Would I make the cut? I'd like to think we've hit it off pretty good on this movie."

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"Absolutely, absolutely you would be," Vaughn answers. "In fact, you would be the only groomsman, and it would probably take place somewhere in the Eastern Bloc."

"I like the sound of that," Wilson replies. "Sounds like a hell of a bachelor party."

"Me and you and a bunch of mail-order brides," Vaughn says.

As much as that sounds like a scenario for a movie ("The Mail-Order Men"?), Wilson and Vaughn are supposed to be talking about a different wedding movie, one the actors have been shooting all day and night.

For some reason, though, they just seem to want to talk about other weddings.

"Have you ever been a best man?" Wilson asks.

"I have."

"And how did that work out?"

"They separated."

"I was the best man at my older brother's wedding and he got divorced too," Wilson says. "So, basically, if you want to jinx your wedding, ask one of us to be your best man."

Again, as much as that sounds like a scenario for a movie ("The Worst Best Man"?), Wilson and Vaughn are supposed to be talking about the wedding movie they are actually making: "The Wedding Crashers." Oh, that one.

"Vince and I play two guys who go to weddings to pick up girls, and it's the idea that girls might be sort of good to go at weddings," Wilson finally explains with the raise of an eyebrow.

Specifically, Wilson and Vaughn are partners at a Washington, D.C., divorce mediation firm who have come to realize that women are aroused in a nuptial atmosphere. That the lifelong friends are never actually invited to the weddings they attend is hardly a setback. In fact, Wilson and Vaughn's characters have been crashing weddings for so long they have it down to a science.

"You pick a location [to sit for the ceremony] where you can see the bridesmaids enter, but not so close that you have to make eye contact with the wedding party," Vaughn explains, pointing to the spot where he and Wilson sat for the scene shot a few hours earlier. "It's all about positioning for all the things you're looking for. You gotta be able to see all the girls."

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To add a little more fun to the experience, their characters also make games out of wedding crashing.

"Some of these services are kind of long, so we sort of make bets throughout the services, like what they're going to read from for the wedding, if the bride is going to cry or not, things to help us get through the service part of it," Wilson reveals.

Where the wedding crashers get thrown off in the movie is when they fall for bridesmaids of the daughter of the Secretary of Treasury, played by Christopher Walken. When Wilson and Vaughn's characters get invited to a weekend's worth of post-wedding festivities, the crashers meet their biggest challenge yet.

"One of the exciting things about this wedding that we're attending is that we're going to be shooting in Washington, D.C., at the National Cathedral, and we're going to have Senator John McCain and James Carville there," Wilson reveals.

The bridesmaids are played by Rachel McAdams of "The Notebook" and Isla Fisher of "I Heart Huckabees," two relative newcomers Wilson and Vaughn have enjoyed taking under their wings.

"It reminds me of when I got a Chia Pet for a holiday occasion and at first it was just this piece of clay, and pretty soon gorgeous green things were growing out of it," Vaughn deadpanned. "I had to water it every day, I had to pet it, talk to it, and it was just a full-on Chia Pet with a lot of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful leaves growing from it. And that's just to sum up my experience working with these two girls."

David Dobkin, who directed Wilson in "Shanghai Nights" and Vaughn in "Clay Pigeons," is helming "The Wedding Crashers," although instead of him bringing Wilson and Vaughn on board it was the other way around.

Wilson and Vaughn met through their group of mutual actor friends, which includes Ben Stiller, Will Farrell and Jack Black, who have made several movies together (and some of whom have cameos in "The Wedding Crashers").

Wilson and Vaughn also co-starred in "Starsky & Hutch" together, although Vaughn insists it's only a coincidence.

"We keep hearing this [Brat Pack-type of] thing lately, but there's no real plan with it or whatever," Vaughn said. "I've always been a fan of Owen's and liked his stuff a lot, and we were both in 'Starsky,' but we didn't have a lot to do together in it. And when this idea came about, [the appeal for me] was more about the concept, and also Owen. But there was no meeting of people, like plotting stuff, although that would be fun if you got to pick places on those types of things. Like based on locations, that may be a good way to start picking scripts."

Eastern Bloc, here they come.

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