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Overdrive Exclusive:
Check out Bryan Lee's video diary from Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Tired of merely sitting around and waiting for the opening of the final "Star Wars" installment, "Revenge of the Sith," 19-year-old Bryan Lee and a few hundred of his close friends decided to take action and — well, sit around outside, in an orderly line, and wait for the opening. Thus, Bryan has been camping out in front of the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theatre since April 2, and in the weeks leading up to the film's opening he'll be sending us dispatches and photos from the front. The front of the line, that is.

Tuesday, May 17, 11:39 p.m.

The shelter has been taken down and people are starting to take their things away from the line. The benches are currently being taken away and more people are standing around.

The line, which has been our home away from home for seven weeks, is turning into an actual line. I don't know if I'm even gonna be able to get some sleep tonight as people clean up the place and we start projecting the five-movie marathon. I'm gonna need the rest; once we're escorted over to the Arclight at 5 p.m., the media frenzy will be enormous, especially around me for being first in line. I'm gonna be so tired.

So what is there left after the final "Star Wars"? Who knows? The media asks me that all the time, and the question always troubles me. I first saw "Star Wars" in February 1997;
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I have never waited longer than three years for a new "Star Wars" movie, and it's all ending this Thursday. Sure, there's "Star Wars" in 3-D in 2007, but new films on the big screen? Not likely. Don't get me wrong; "Star Wars" will never die. If the franchise has proven anything, it's that it can transcend mediums and generations. TV series, novels, games, comic books, merchandise ... they'll all continue for decades to come, but the films are the core of the franchise. I'll be a "Star Wars fan" for life, but it won't be the same.

Well, "Episode III" is 24 hours and 22 minutes away. One of the rules of our line is that you have to be here for the final 24 hours, so this place is starting to get really crowded with all the people who aren't here too often. With 183 registered members who've logged in hours thus far, the line is about to get huge. The hours system ends at 8 a.m. I'll have my total hours soon.

— Bryan Lee

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Monday, May 16, 11:59 p.m.

There are few signs that the seven-week line is about to be over, other than the fact that the countdown clock is about to say less than two days left. The line has become our veritable home away from home, what with our PVC tarp shelter, computer, wireless Internet, power, Netflix mailbox, etc., and little by little it will be going down before the end. Sometime in the early afternoon on the final day of the line, everything will be gone and it will truly become an old-fashioned line. People are starting to make their plans on where we'll have our last lunch together as line members. Everything's about to end, and as much as I want to see this movie, I don't want it to come — if that makes any sense.

Photos: "Star Wars" fans line up at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

I got to see "Star Wait," a 2002 documentary about the "Attack of the Clones" line at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. I keep forgetting that this is my first and only "Star Wars" line because I've become so familiar with the people and the way of life here. It was awkward watching these people who are now my dear friends and I wasn't there with them. I imagine that in previous "Star Wars" lines, there was comfort in knowing that everyone would be back together again for the next "Star Wars" movie. Now that the saga is complete, so are these lines. As soon as I hopped on the bandwagon, it stopped. Oh well, I'm gonna go count down to the two-day mark.

— Bryan Lee

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Photo: Twentieth Century Fox, Getty Images and MTV News

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