The most unforgettable artists are pioneers who challenge tradition and unleash innovative ideas that change the game for the better. These musicians took that challenge to task and nailed it.

  1. Queen Bey had the interwebs abuzz when she released "Beyoncé," a surprise visual album without any promotion or marketing lead-up. The 14 track, 17 music video project resulted in the fastest selling album ever on iTunes.

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  2. Arcade Fire used an inspiring guerilla-marketing campaign to spread the word about their sophomore album "Reflektor." Through the use of street art and pop-up performances as a fictional band named 'The Reflektors,' Arcade Fire was able to create an extraordinary promotional experience.

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  3. In an effort to promote "The Complete Album Collection, Volume 1," the iconic Bob Dylan created a groundbreaking 16-channel interactive music video for "Like A Rolling Stone" featuring the likes of Simon Rex, Danny Brown and more.

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  4. Childish Gambino created an online conceptual world to promote his latest album "Because The Internet." Gambino brought his project to life through impromptu listening sessions, leaking his own music, viral tweets and the release of a 75-page screenplay designed to sync with the album.

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  5. Maestro Kanye West promoted his boldly entitled "Yeezus" album with an out-of-the box marketing campaign, blasting larger-than-life video projections of his visual music onto the sides of buildings throughout several cities around the globe.

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