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College Radio Woodie

For the station out there breaking the latest, emerging music, acting as pioneers in the industry.

  1. KUPS 90.1 KUPS 90.1

    University of Puget Sound

    KUPS doesn't just serve its Puget Sound peers, the station has listeners all over the greater Tacoma, Washington area.

  2. WCRD 91.3 WCRD 91.3

    Ball State University

    Focused on rock music and what college students want to hear, including classic rock, pop and hip-hop, WCRD has the Ball State campus on lock.

  3. Coyote Radio Coyote Radio

    California State University: San Bernardino

    Cal State San Bernardino's connection for music has students howling all over campus to the tunes of indie artists overlooked by commercial radio. Ow! Ow!

  4. KCOU 88.1 KCOU 88.1

    University of Missouri

    Mizzou's student owned and operated radio station serves up an eclectic mix of music 24/7 on air and online for its spirited student body fans.

  5. WPTS 92.1 WPTS 92.1

    University of Pittsburgh

    The University of Pittsburgh's student operated FM station never turns a deaf ear to local talent, they put it on the air!