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  1. How To Get VMA Tickets

    How To Get VMA Tickets The only thing that beats the thrill of watching the MTV Video Music Awards live on TV and the internet at the same time, is watching the madness unfold, ticket in hand, live and in person! If you think watching your favorite band hoisting a Moonman is a rush, try making eye contact with them during their speech. There's absolutely nothing like it.

    And in order to feel that ultimate rush, you're gonna need... TICKETS. Lots of them. Billetes in Spanish. Les billets in French. Tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets. VMA tickets, to be precise. That's right. Tickets to the MTV Video Music Awards. In shorthand you might call them TKTS. Tickets are the only way that you'll get past the guards and these particular tickets are really hard to come by.

    So what can you do to get your hands on these precious tickets? How can you score the magical pieces of paper that will get you into the VMAs? Well, ticket-hound, it's easy. Keep on reading to get all the information you need to score the passes of your dreams.