The Real World Awards Bash | Nominees | Hottest Male

Hottest Male

  1. Alex Denver Alex gets so much attention from the girls that even his own Mother warns him not to be a whore.

  2. Alton Las Vegas The girls all agree... Alton is beautiful.

  3. Brad San Diego This bike-riding San Diego roommate's smile would charm any girl.

  4. CT Paris Muscle man CT has a special way with the girls.

  5. Chris Chicago Chris from the Chicago season served as another stud when he modeled in his season.

  6. Danny Austin Austin's Danny rocked Melinda's world with his good looks and personality.

  7. Eric New York This male model spiced things up in Real World New York.

  8. Isaac Sydney Isaac strut his stuff down under.

  9. Jason Boston Bad boy Jason was a big fan with the Boston ladies.

  10. Johnny Key West Joke-ster Johnny 'Bananas' kept things interesting in Key West.