The Real World Awards Bash | Nominees | Hottest Female

Hottest Female

  1. Cameran San Diego This blonde from South Carolina was a bathing beauty in San Diego.

  2. Irulan Las Vegas This New Yorker is beautiful, fun and sexy, and during Real World: Las Vegas, she caught Alton's eye.

  3. Jacinda London This Australian native rocked the runway in Paris.

  4. Jamie San Diego San Diego lady Jamie rocked the swimsuit in her season.

  5. Jenn Denver Denver roommate Jenn drew a lot of attention from the fellas on her season.

  6. KellyAnne Sydney This Texan turned up the heat in Sydney, Australia.

  7. Mallory Paris Mallory made Ace's heart stop in Paris.

  8. Melinda Austin Melinda was just getting into the crazy party life when she joined the rest of the cast in Austin.

  9. Svetlana Key West No straight man would ever complain about this brunette.

  10. Trishelle Las Vegas Trishelle spiced things up in Vegas with her good looks and southern charm.