The Real World Awards Bash | Nominees | Biggest Playa

Biggest Playa

  1. Brad San Diego Cameron, Angie, Kristen and more…the revolving door of Brad's ladies made his male roommates proud.

  2. Cara Chicago During her time in the house, Cara didn't want to be in a committed relationship and enjoyed all the perks of being hot and single.

  3. Colie Denver Colie herself admitted that she's not good at baseball, but she's good at kissing. And she did a lot of it in Denver!

  4. David New Orleans During his time in New Orleans, David was a player who loved booty, bodies and women. Not even his religious roommates could change his ways.

  5. Syrus Boston Syrus is attracted to a variety of women. It's not his fault that he was able to find a great variety while he was in Boston.

  6. Teck Hawaii Teck was such a player in Hawaii that his roommates once feared he brought home a prostitute. Fortunately, she was just a stripper.