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About The Real World Awards Bash

There have been a lot of crazy cat fights, unbelievable blowouts and smokin' hot hookups on The Real World over the years. With so many eye-popping moments, we've decided it's time to honor the best of the best -- with the first The Real World Awards Bash!

With the premiere of The Real World: Hollywood, the landmark 20th season, on the horizon, we're celebrating in style by bringing together the roommates from every past season for the big bash. Unlike traditional awards shows, The Real World Awards Bash embraces hilarious hijinks and over-the-top drama -- and with so many roomies in one place, there's sure to be plenty of memorable moments. And we say: Bring it on!

For 19 seasons, MTV has thrown seven strangers into close quarters to see what happens when things start getting real. There have been fast friendships, lusty liaisons and fiery fights. Now it's time to find out which Real World moments have been the most unforgettable. You -- yes, you! -- voted on everything from Best Fight to Biggest Playa to Steamiest Scene to Best Brush With the Law...and we listened.

Who's the hottest guy of all time? Who's the hottest girl? Who's the roommate you love to hate? Who had the best meltdown ever? What was the best season? You decided! Now tune in to see who walks away a winner during The Real World Awards Bash!

In addition to handing out awards and catching up with the casts, the bash also shows how The Real World was ahead of it's time, forging the path for reality TV as we know it. We'll reminisce about all the silliest and most dramatic moments ever caught on camera and discuss how the series has shined a spotlight on important issues like racism, addiction and homophobia. Plus, we'll pay tribute to The Real World: San Francisco's Pedro Zamora, who died of AIDS, and The Real World: San Diego's Frankie Abernathy, who lost her battle with cystic fibrosis.

Yes, there have been some serious ups and downs over the you won't want to miss the most comprehensive roundup of all the steamiest, funniest, heartfelt and cringeworthy moments ever shown on MTV! Get ready to get sucked into The Real World Awards Bash!