Spankin' New Ladies Week

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Cancel all your plans, clear your schedule, turn off your phone and lock your doors, because you're not going anywhere during Spankin' New Ladies Week. Trust us when we tell you that absolutely nothing in your life is as big as what we've got poppin' on TRL during Spankin' New Ladies Week. (No, pottybrain, it's got nothing to do with S&M.) Spankin' New Ladies Week is all about the biggest, brightest, most glamorous, glossiest and fiercest females in music, movies and more. Plus a couple up-and-comers you'll soon be hearing about non-stop. And because these sisters are doin' for themselves, they're not afraid of a little boy-girl rivalry, so we're inviting some choice boys too.

Aside from an ass-kicking case of nearly paralyzing starstruckism, what else can you expect during this epic week-long TRL event? Exclusive live performances you won't see anywhere else in a million years. Video premieres from some of the most famous females on the planet. And for-reals face time with A-list, crazy-huge, crazy-hot stars when they stop by MTV.

Now we personally love a good surprise (Punk'd anyone?), but if you're the type who seriously cannot handle the unknown, and you're burning with anticipation of this monumental musical event, read on for a little more of what we've got in store for Spankin' New Ladies Week.

Monday: The radiant Jordin Sparks will stop by to perform and to give us a 1st Look at her new video, "No Air." If that isn't enough, a man who loves his ladies, Snoop Dogg, will drop by to give us a sneak peek of his latest video, "Life of the Party." More? OK, how about Ashlee Simpson? Sure! She's going to visit, along with Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson and Andre 3000, from the new movie Semi-Pro. And to top it off, a Super Bowl-fresh Osi Umenyiora of the NY Giants will be in the TRL studio, too. Score!

Tuesday: We'll be trying out very hardest not to completely freak out because pretty much this day's entire show will be devoted to turbo-sexy Janet Jackson, who'll be performing and hanging out on TRL letting all of us hear a bunch of her new music from the forth coming album Discipline ... while we try our very hardest not to completely freak out! And, as if the treasure trove that is Spankin' New Ladies Week couldn't get any richer, we'll also take a 1st Look at Kate Nash's "Pumpkin Soup" video and Yael Naim's breakthrough video "New Soul"!!

Wednesday: Things are looking good for Spankin' New Ladies Week on Wednesday. Real good. As in Mariah Carey-good. The show-stopping singer will be here to premiere her brand-new video, "Touch My Body." Plus, Natalie Portman and Christina Ricci are stopping by, along with Ashanti, who's gonna give us a 1st Look at her new video, "The Way That I Love You." Plus, like a beautiful blonde bow atop the gift that is Wednesday's Spankin' New Ladies Week offerings, we've got a live performance by Taylor Swift.

Thursday: When Sara Bareilles first visited TRL, we liked her so much that we asked her back to perform. Actress Bitsie Tulloch (you've seen her on the new NBC series Quarterlife and lonelygirl15) and flossy Chicago rapper Kid Sister are here. And we're shutting it down with 1st Looks at two new hip-hop videos by the new leading ladies of hip-hop: U.K. sensation Estelle shows us her "American Boy" video, and Pharrell-approved Teyana Taylor (remember her from My Super Sweet 16?) is bringing by her new video too.

That's what we've got in store on TRL during Spankin' New Ladies Week -- hot new music videos, exclusive performances and appearances by some of the hottest, most crucial ladies in the game. And you thought your mom was the most important woman in the world. Shame on you.