MTV Shorts | Animated

  1. Every kid wants superpowers. But not every kid's father is Omni-Man. When Mark Grayson finally inherits his dad's abilities, though, he realizes life isn't getting any easier. Watch here or download on iTunes.

  2. We can't seem to leave well enough alone.

  3. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world! Enter the surreal realm of animator David Chai where pimple avalanches and huge nipples are the norm.

  4. Maturity is indeed overrated. Watch these infamous MTV characters take on the most awkward moments of their lives.

  5. Hey, pervert, you like cartoons? Yeah you do. Well you're gonna LOVE this one. 'The Magical Realm' reduces your favorite fairy tales to shameless, no-holds-barred smut. And we mean that as a compliment.

  6. Videos By Andrew makes Chopped and Screwed look like safe and normal. Watch as the mad scientist hacks your favorite hits to death with crude animation and misheard lyrics.

  7. Coheed And Cambria takes you through the epic sci-fi storyline of their album 'Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One' with these creepy animations.

  8. Join Mike Judge as he presents you some of the greatest animated short films from around the world, only on MTV2.

  9. Do you have any idea how rude it is for you to demand a description of Poga? How do you explain a claymation nonsense rap show with a heavy Indian accent and a loose affiliation with yoga? YOU DON'T. So enough of your questions, askface.

  10. Everybody knows that you got your name from that bet your parents lost. But what about Chamillionaire? What about Busta Rhymes? Find out where your favorite bands grabbed their handles on 'Hello My Name Is.

  11. We could never get past the fact that 'The Sopranos' was just downright implausible. "Humans would never treat humans that way," we said to ourselves. That's why our mafia drama stars fruits and vegetables.

  12. These pint-sized claymation stunt men give the Jackass crew a run for their money.