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TV Schedule for Saturday, April 19, 2014

06:00 AM The Challenge: Free Agents Love in the Fast Lane TV-14
07:00 AM 2014 MTV Movie Awards 2014 MTV Movie Awards TV-14
09:00 AM Jersey Shore A New Family TV-14
10:00 AM Jersey Shore The Tanned Triangle TV-14
11:00 AM Jersey Shore Good Riddance TV-14
12:08 PM Jersey Shore Fade To Black TV-14
01:14 PM Jersey Shore Just Another Day At The Shore TV-14
02:21 PM Jersey Shore Boardwalk Blowups TV-14
03:28 PM Jersey Shore What Happens In The AC TV-14
04:30 PM Jersey Shore One Shot TV-14
05:30 PM Jersey Shore That's How The Shore Goes TV-14
06:30 PM MTV's 16 and Pregnant Maddy TV-14
07:30 PM Ridiculousness Tyga TV-14
08:00 PM Ridiculousness Fantasy Factory TV-14
08:30 PM Ridiculousness Episode 6 TV-PG
09:00 PM Ridiculousness Nick Swardson TV-14
09:30 PM Ridiculousness Episode 4 TV-PG
10:00 PM Ridiculousness Nyjah Huston TV-14
10:30 PM Ridiculousness Riff Raff TV-14
11:00 PM Ridiculousness Vaughn Gittin Jr. TV-PG
11:30 PM Ridiculousness Sara Jean Underwood TV-PG
12:00 AM Ridiculousness Pauly D TV-14
12:30 AM Ridiculousness Lil Jon TV-PG
01:00 AM Ridiculousness Mike Epps TV-14
01:30 AM Ridiculousness Wee-Man And Preston Lacy TV-PG
02:00 AM Ridiculousness Jenna Marbles TV-14
02:30 AM Ridiculousness Ryan Sheckler TV-14
03:00 AM Ridiculousness Jamie Lee TV-14
03:30 AM Ridiculousness Chris Cole TV-PG
04:00 AM Ridiculousness Episode 12 TV-PG
04:30 AM Ridiculousness Carmen Electra TV-14
05:00 AM Ridiculousness Episode 16 TV-PG
05:30 AM Ridiculousness Jason Ellis TV-PG