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TV Schedule for Friday, March 27, 2015

06:00 AM Ridiculousness Ken Block TV-14
06:30 AM Ridiculousness David Arquette TV-14
07:00 AM Ridiculousness Bella Twins TV-PG
07:30 AM Ridiculousness Mac Miller TV-14
08:00 AM Ridiculousness Steve Aoki TV-14
08:30 AM Ridiculousness Chanel And Steelo TV-PG
09:00 AM Girl Code Taken Guys, Gaining Weight, Karaoke TV-14
09:30 AM Girl Code Holidays TV-14
10:00 AM Girl Code Breaking Up, Girls Night Out, Sexting TV-14
10:30 AM Girl Code Strength TV-14
11:00 AM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Love at First Fight
11:35 AM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Banks Shot
12:10 PM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 72 Hours
12:45 PM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Just Infatuation
01:20 PM Ridiculousness Bieber TV-PG
01:55 PM Ridiculousness Episode 16 TV-PG
02:30 PM Ridiculousness Kat Graham TV-PG
03:05 PM Ridiculousness Wee-Man And Preston Lacy TV-PG
03:40 PM Ridiculousness Mayweather TV-PG
04:15 PM Ridiculousness Pauly D TV-14
04:50 PM Ridiculousness Dana White TV-14
05:25 PM Ridiculousness Dominic Monaghan TV-14
06:00 PM Ridiculousness Tyler, The Creator TV-PG
06:35 PM Ridiculousness Joanna Krupa TV-14
07:10 PM Ridiculousness Street Bike Tommy TV-PG
07:45 PM Ridiculousness Steelo and Chanel VII TV-14
08:20 PM Ridiculousness Sterling And Chanel TV-14
08:55 PM Ridiculousness Chrissy Teigen TV-14
09:30 PM Ridiculousness Brooks Wheelan TV-14
10:00 PM Project X Project X TV-14
12:05 AM Girl Code First Dates, Friend Zone, Girl Fights TV-14
12:40 AM Girl Code TV-14
01:15 AM Girl Code Foreplay, Shopping, Feeling Ugly TV-14
01:50 AM Inside Amy Schumer Real Sext
02:25 AM Inside Amy Schumer A Porn Star is Born
03:00 AM Inside Amy Schumer Unpleasant Truths
03:30 AM Inside Amy Schumer Terrible People
04:00 AM Girl Code Pregnancy Scares, Mean Girls, Sleepovers TV-14
04:30 AM Girl Code Set-Ups, Underwear, Social Climbing TV-14
05:00 AM Girl Code Playing Sports, Dads, Being Crazy TV-14
05:30 AM Girl Code Being Healthy TV-14