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TV Schedule for Tuesday, July 7, 2015

06:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
07:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
08:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
09:00 AM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Gets a Job
09:30 AM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air PSAT Pstory
10:00 AM MTV's 16 and Pregnant Savon TV-14
11:00 AM Faking It Faking Up Is Hard To Do TV-14
11:35 AM Faking It Burnt Toast TV-14
12:10 PM Faking It The Morning Aftermath TV-14
12:45 PM Faking It You Can't Handle The Truth or Dare TV-14
01:20 PM Faking It Lust in Translation TV-14
01:55 PM Faking It Lying Kings and Drama Queens TV-14
02:30 PM Ridiculousness Prince Fielder TV-14
03:05 PM Ridiculousness Ne-Yo TV-14
03:40 PM Ridiculousness Nick Swardson TV-14
04:15 PM Ridiculousness Episode 9 TV-PG
04:50 PM Ridiculousness Episode 11 TV-PG
05:25 PM Ridiculousness Lil Jon TV-PG
06:00 PM Ridiculousness Bam Margera TV-14
06:30 PM Ridiculousness Riff Raff TV-14
07:00 PM Ridiculousness Carmen Electra TV-14
07:30 PM Ridiculousness TV-14
08:00 PM Teen Wolf Dreamcatchers TV-14
09:00 PM Scream: The TV Series Pilot
10:00 PM
Scream: The TV Series
Hello, Emma.
11:01 PM Scream: The TV Series Pilot
12:01 AM Scream: The TV Series Hello, Emma.
01:01 AM Teen Mom 2 Keep Your Head Up TV-PG
02:01 AM Teen Mom 2 Working Overtime TV-PG
03:00 AM Clubland TV-PG
04:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
05:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG