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TV Schedule for Sunday, October 4, 2015

06:00 AM Ridiculousness Chrissy Teigen TV-14
06:30 AM Ridiculousness Tyler Posey TV-14
07:00 AM Ridiculousness Dominic Monaghan TV-14
07:30 AM Ridiculousness Lil Jon TV-PG
08:00 AM Ridiculousness Nyjah Huston TV-14
08:30 AM Ridiculousness Wiz Khalifa TV-PG
09:00 AM Ridiculousness TV-14
09:30 AM Ridiculousness Street Bike Tommy TV-PG
10:00 AM Ridiculousness Nick Swardson TV-14
10:30 AM Ridiculousness Maria Menounos TV-14
11:00 AM Ridiculousness Harley Morenstein TV-14
11:30 AM Ridiculousness Steve Aoki TV-14
12:00 PM Ridiculousness Nate Robinson TV-14
12:30 PM Ridiculousness Vaughn Gittin Jr. TV-PG
01:00 PM Ridiculousness TV-14
01:30 PM Ridiculousness Big Cat TV-PG
02:00 PM Ridiculousness Jamie Lee TV-14
02:30 PM Ridiculousness Duff Goldman TV-PG
03:00 PM Ridiculousness Nick Swisher TV-14
03:30 PM Ridiculousness Cody Simpson TV-14
04:00 PM Ridiculousness Ray J TV-14
04:30 PM Ridiculousness Derek Hough TV-14
05:00 PM Ridiculousness David Arquette TV-14
05:30 PM Ridiculousness Chanel and Sterling V TV-14
06:00 PM Ridiculousness Mac Miller TV-14
06:30 PM Ridiculousness Steelo and Chanel VII TV-14
07:00 PM Ridiculousness Chanel And Steelo TV-PG
07:30 PM Ridiculousness TV-14
08:00 PM Ridiculousness Steelo and Chanel VI TV-14
08:30 PM Ridiculousness Jagger Eaton TV-14
09:00 PM Ridiculousness Danny Brown TV-14
09:30 PM Ridiculousness Juicy J TV-14
10:00 PM Project X Project X TV-14
12:00 AM South Park The Death of Eric Cartman TV-14
12:30 AM South Park You Got F'd in the A TV-14
01:00 AM South Park The List TV-MA
01:30 AM South Park Best Friends Forever TV-14
02:00 AM Project X Project X TV-14
04:00 AM Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Final Final Finale TV-PG
04:30 AM Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Big Black's BBW Round Up TV-PG
05:00 AM Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Patty's Bucket List TV-PG
05:30 AM Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Born A Lion TV-PG