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TV Schedule for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

06:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
07:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
08:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
09:00 AM Catfish: The TV Show Derek & Kristen NR
10:00 AM Catfish: The TV Show Mike & Felicia NR
11:00 AM Catfish: The TV Show Solana & Elijah NR
12:08 PM Ridiculousness Vaughn Gittin Jr. TV-PG
12:41 PM Ridiculousness Cody Simpson TV-14
01:14 PM Ridiculousness Guy Fieri TV-14
01:48 PM Ridiculousness Steve Aoki TV-14
02:21 PM Ridiculousness Jackson Nicoll TV-14
02:55 PM True Life I'm in a Mixed Weight Relationship NR
04:00 PM True Life I Want a Threesome NR
05:00 PM True Life I'm Famous Online NR
06:00 PM True Life I Need To Leave My Mom NR
07:00 PM Virgin Territory TV-14
08:00 PM Teen Mom 2 Thats the Way Love Goes TV-PG
09:00 PM Teen Mom 2 Keep It Together TV-PG
10:00 PM
Teen Mom 2
When Everything Seems Wrong TV-PG
11:00 PM
Virgin Territory
12:00 AM Teen Mom 2 When Everything Seems Wrong TV-PG
01:00 AM Virgin Territory TV-14
02:00 AM Finding Carter TV-14
03:00 AM Clubland TV-PG
04:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG
05:00 AM Music Feed TV-PG