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"We Are Young" <a href="/artists/wiz-khalifa/">Wiz Khalifa</a> - "Work Hard, Play Hard" <a href="/artists/the-black-keys/">The Black Keys</a> & <a href="/movies/person/16504/personmain.jhtml">Johnny Depp</a> - "Gold On The Ceiling" & "Lonely Boy" <a href="/artists/foo-fighters/">Foo Fighters</a> - "Walk" <a href="/movies/person/471834/personmain.jhtml">Jason Sudeikis</a> & <a href="/movies/person/459272/personmain.jhtml">Emma Stone</a> - "Movie Theme Songs" <a href="/artists/lupe-fiasco/">Lupe Fiasco</a> & <a href="/artists/trey-songz/">Trey Songz</a> - "Out of My Head" & "The Show Goes On" <a href="/movies/person/354576/personmain.jhtml">Ed Helms</a> & <a href="/movies/person/1055576/personmain.jhtml">Ken Jeong</a> - "Stu's Song" <a href="/movies/person/76079/personmain.jhtml">Les Grossman</a> & <a href="/artists/jennifer-lopez/">Jennifer Lopez</a> - "Get Back" & "Get Right" Dance Number <a href="/artists/katy-perry/">Katy Perry</a> & <a href="/artists/snoop-dogg/">Snoop Dogg</a> - "California Gurls" <a href="/movies/person/491485/personmain.jhtml">Aziz Ansari</a> - "A Tribute To 'Avatar'" <a href="/artists/christina-aguilera/">Christina Aguilera</a> - "Bionic/Not Myself Tonight/Woohoo Medley" <a href="/artists/eminem/">Eminem</a> - "We Made You/Crack A Bottle" <a href="/artists/leann-rimes/">LeAnn Rimes</a>, <a href="/artists/chris-isaak/">Chris Isaak</a> & <a href="/movies/person/103255/personmain.jhtml">Forest Whitaker</a> - "The Lonely Island Medley" <a href="/artists/kings-of-leon/">Kings Of Leon</a> - "Use Somebody" <a href="/artists/coldplay/">Coldplay</a> - "Viva La Vida" <a href="/artists/the-pussycat-dolls/">The Pussycat Dolls</a> - "When I Grow Up" <a href="/artists/rihanna/">Rihanna</a> f/ <a href="/artists/jay-z/">Jay-Z</a> - "Umbrella" <a href="/artists/amy-winehouse/">Amy Winehouse</a> - "Rehab" <a href="/artists/afi/">AFI</a> - "Miss Murder" <a href="/artists/christina-aguilera/">Christina Aguilera</a> - "Ain't No Other Man" <a href="/artists/gnarls-barkley/">Gnarls Barkley</a> - "Crazy" <a href="/artists/eminem/">Eminem</a> - "Ass Like That" & "Mockingbird" <a href="/artists/mariah-carey/">Mariah Carey</a> - "We Belong Together" <a href="/artists/yellowcard/">Yellowcard</a> - "Don't You Forget About Me" <a href="/artists/foo-fighters/">Foo Fighters</a> - "Best Of You" <a href="/artists/beastie-boys/">Beastie Boys</a> - "Ch-Check It Out" <a href="/artists/yeah-yeah-yeahs/">Yeah Yeah Yeahs</a> - "Maps" <a href="/artists/d12/">D12</a> - "My Band" <a href="/artists/pink/">Pink</a> - "Feel Good Time" <a href="/artists/50-cent/">50 Cent</a> - "In Da Club" <a href="/artists/tatu/">t.A.t.U.</a> - "Not Gonna Get Us" & "All The Things She Said" <a href="/artists/the-white-stripes/">The White Stripes</a> - "Fell In Love With A Girl" & "Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground" <a href="/artists/eminem/">Eminem</a> - "Without Me" <a href="/artists/kelly-osbourne/">Kelly Osbourne</a> - "Papa Don't Preach" <a href="/artists/christina-aguilera/">Christina Aguilera</a>, <a href="/artists/lil-kim/">Lil' Kim</a>, <a href="/artists/mya/">Mýa</a>, & <a href="/artists/pink/">Pink</a> - "Lady Marmalade" <a href="/artists/dave-matthews-band/">Dave Matthews Band</a> - "The Space Between" <a href="/artists/weezer/">Weezer</a> - "Hash Pipe" <a href="/artists/dangelo/">D'Angelo</a> - "Devil's Pie" <a href="/artists/nsync/">NSYNC</a> - "It's Gonna Be Me" <a href="/artists/metallica/">Metallica</a> - "I Disappear" <a href="/artists/will-smith/">Will Smith</a> - "Wild Wild West" <a href="/artists/kid-rock/">Kid Rock</a> - "Bawitdaba" <a href="/artists/robbie-williams/">Robbie Williams</a> - "Millenium" <a href="/artists/natalie-imbruglia/">Natalie Imbruglia</a> - "Torn" <a href="/artists/the-wallflowers/">The Wallflowers</a> - "Heroes" <a href="/artists/mase/">Mase</a> - "Sittin' On Top Of The World" <a href="/artists/bush/">Bush</a> - "Cold Contagious" <a href="/artists/jewel/">Jewel</a> - "Foolish Games" <a href="/artists/en-vogue/">En Vogue</a> - "Whatever" The Wondermints (Austin Powers Band) - "BBC" <a href="/artists/whitney-houston/">Whitney Houston</a> - "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" <a href="/artists/garbage/">Garbage</a> - "Only Happy When It Rains" <a href="/artists/fugees/">The Fugees</a> f/ Roberta Flack - "Killing Me Softly" <a href="/artists/adam-sandler/">Adam Sandler</a> - "Mel Gibson" <a href="/artists/boyz-ii-men/">Boyz II Men</a> - "Water Runs Dry" <a href="/artists/blues-traveler/">Blues Traveler</a> - "Run-Around" <a href="/artists/tlc/">TLC</a> - "Waterfalls" <a href="/artists/the-ramones/">The Ramones</a> - "Best Song From A Movie" Nominees (Medley) <a href="/artists/bon-jovi/">Bon Jovi</a> - "Good Guys Don't Always Wear White" <a href="/artists/john-mellencamp/">John Mellencamp</a> f/ <a href="/artists/meshell-ndegeocello/">Meshell Ndegeocello</a> - "Wild Night" <a href="/artists/toby-huss/">Toby Huss</a> - "Best Song From A Movie" Nominees (Medley) <a href="/artists/toni-braxton/">Toni Braxton</a> - "You Mean The World To Me" <a href="/artists/warren-g/">Warren G.</a> & <a href="/artists/nate-dogg/">Nate Dogg</a> - "Regulate" Backbeat f/ Mike Mills of <a href="/artists/rem/">R.E.M.</a>, <a href="/artists/dave-grohl/">Dave Grohl</a> of <a href="/artists/nirvana/">Nirvana</a>, Dave Pirner of <a href="/artists/soul-asylum/">Soul Asylum</a>, Thurston Moore of <a href="/artists/sonic-youth/">Sonic Youth</a>, Don Fleming of <a href="/artists/gumball/">Gumball</a>, & Greg Dulli of <a href="/artists/the-afghan-whigs/">The Afghan Whigs</a> - "Money (That's What I Want) / Long Tall Sally" & "Helter Skelter" <a href="/artists/duran-duran/">Duran Duran</a> - "Ordinary World" <a href="/artists/stone-temple-pilots/">Stone Temple Pilots</a> - "Plush" <a href="/artists/snoop-dogg/">Snoop Dogg</a> - "Nuthin' But A "G" Thang" <a href="/artists/rod-stewart/">Rod Stewart</a> - "Have I Told You Lately" <a href="/artists/village-people/">Village People</a> - "In The Movies (In The Navy)," "Psycho Bitch (Macho Man)," & "My MTV (Y.M.C.A)" <a href="/artists/en-vogue/">En Vogue</a> - "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" <a href="/artists/ugly-kid-joe/">Ugly Kid Joe</a> - "Everything About You" <a href="/artists/arrested-development/">Arrested Development</a> - "Tennessee" <a href="/artists/vince-neil/">Vince Neil</a> - "You're Invited (But Your Friends Can't Come)" 0xCCCCCC