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Read on for a complete history of Golden Popcorn peddlers. Russell Brand With the launch of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards crude comedian Russell Brand took the stage to play referee between the battling franchises of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight; all of which took home some Golden Popcorn. Brand kept us guessing with witty one liners dolled out between impressive live performances of fun. and Janelle Monáe, Wiz Khalifa and The Black Keys. Russell Brand Jason Sudeikis The 2011 Movie Awards was an evening of surprises, swear words and sexual innuendo helmed by comedian host Jason Sudeikis. The 'SNL' funnyman shared the stage with a house full of stars, including the Foo Fighters and past Golden Popcorn winners Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. Jason Sudeikis Aziz Ansari 2010 host Aziz Ansari kicked off the show with a diatribe about 2D vrs 3D film and his love for Edward from Twilight. Later, he performed a rap about Avatar and accepted Zach Galifianakis' Best Comedic Performance award as Taavon, the swagger coach. Aziz Ansari Andy Samberg Welcome our host, Andy Samberg, who came to Hollywood prepared to throw down, hip-hop style, and let the insults fly into the celeb-packed audience. Andy Samberg Mike Myers In 2008 Mike Myers came back for a second time to host the MTV Movie Awards and he didn't disappoint. He kicked off the show with a dance-off against Chris Brown and later he and his old buddy Dana Carvey reunited to bring back Wayne's World, cracking bathroom jokes at age 53. Mike Myers Sarah Silverman After leading the world through what was unquestionably one of the funniest Movie Awards shows in MTV history, Sarah Silverman had better watch her back. The razor-toothed hostess managed to ruthlessly tear apart half of the audience, including Paris Hilton, Tobey Maguire and Lindsay Lohan. Sarah Silverman Jessica Alba We're in the midst of proceedings to have the name of 2006 legally changed to 200Alba. Not only did our hottie hostess knockum dead in the parodies and on the stage, she also won the Sexiest Performance award for her mindblowing showing in Sin City. Jessica Alba Jimmy Fallon Ohhh Jimmy we miss you take us baaaaack!!! Yup. That's how we got him. Boy Wonder's triumphant return coincided with the time that high school movies swept all the major categories? Coincidence? We don't think so, shorty. Jimmy Fallon Lindsay Lohan Who says you have to be a comedian to host the MTV Movie Awards show? At 17, Lindsay Lohan pulled off the job as well as any veteran, and bucked the trend by doing it solo. It didn't hurt that Mean Girls was only three months old and that she hadn't yet been to the Hilton. Lindsay Lohan Justin Timberlake & Seann William Scott Let's just say that, once we let these two handle the show, we weren't allowed to have co-hosts anymore. JT and the illustrious Stifler duded it up in one of the most homoerotic awards shows ever. Justin Timberlake & Seann William Scott Jack Black & Sarah Michelle Gellar Another monumental one night stand! Right around the time of Orange County and Scooby Doo, the human cartoon and the vampire slayer teamed up to wipe out everything unfunny in the world. Success! Jack Black & Sarah Michelle Gellar Jimmy Fallon & Kirsten Dunst You know who they are. Don't play dumb. Our 2001 show was their one and only one night stand (to our knowledge) and it was pure Hollywood magic. We still can't remember which one is taller. Jimmy Fallon & Kirsten Dunst Sarah Jessica Parker In the year 2000, sexpert Sarah Jessica Parker got carried away and graced the stage with 12 different outfits over the course of one fabulous night. She also married Ferris Bueller. Lucky. Sarah Jessica Parker Lisa Kudrow Did you know she used to go out with Conan O'Brien?!? Us either! Thanks Wikipedia! The maniac who brought us Phoebe Buffay also brought us an unforgettable night as the host of the MTV Movie Awards. Lisa Kudrow Samuel L. Jackson Thank you Dave Chappelle, for pointing out that THIS! IS JUST! THE WAY! HE TALKS! The Pulp Fiction star, who has since been in like every third movie made, didn't even need a microphone to host our show. Samuel L. Jackson Mike Myers Whether you call him Wayne, Austin, Shrek or just HEEEEED!, Mike Myers is about the best thing to happen to TV and movies since color. By far one of the funniest fat bastards we've ever known. Mike Myers Ben Stiller & Janeane Garofalo No strangers to MTV, these old friends appeared together on the channel in season one of The Ben Stiller Show. They went on to work together on Reality Bites, Mystery Men and several others. Ben Stiller & Janeane Garofalo Jon Lovitz & Courtney Cox Fresh off of City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (respectively), we couldn't think of a better matched pair to run our show. You may also remember them from SNL, Friends and other little shows like that. Jon Lovitz & Courtney Cox Will Smith Before he was a major movie star (and a Scientologist), the streetwise Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the host of the MTV Movie Awards. Since then he's taken down multiple species of aliens and George Foreman. Not bad. Will Smith Eddie Murphy We couldn't tell you if it was Raw, Saturday Night Live or Norbit that sold us on Eddie Murphy, but somewhere along the way he got us. And we're real glad he did. Eddie Murphy Dennis Miller Although he's an SNL alum, an HBO Comedy veteran and the host of a string of talk shows (two of them were named after him!), we're pretty sure that the 1992 MTV Movie Awards are the crown jewels of this ranting lunatic's résumé. 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