The award for #WTF Moment recognizes the most notorious, stomach-twisting scene that left theaters cringing.

  1. Directed by Martin Scorsese

    Leonardo DiCaprio's iconic portrayal of excessive Wall Street player Jordan Belfort takes a turn for the insane when he takes his Lamborghini for a spin.

  2. Directed by Ridley Scott

    Having sex in a car is pretty much a rite of passage, but having sex with a car? Cameron Diaz's Malkina gets down and dirty with a bright yellow Ferrari to show the world how it's done.

  3. Directed by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg

    Danny McBride shows an apocalyptic world, and uncomfortable theater-goers everywhere, that there's no better pet than a scantily-clad Channing Tatum.

  4. Directed by Jeff Tremaine

    Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll manage to strike fear into a room full of unsuspecting beauty pageant-loving parents thanks to a bump n' grind dance routine to a Warrant classic.

  5. Directed by Adam McKay

    The Channel 4 News Team's afternoon is no longer a delight as their speeding van filled with bowling balls, scorpions and hot oil takes a tumble on the highway.


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