2009 MTV Movie Awards


Best Male Performance

  1. Directed by

    Zac Efron goes out on a high note as Troy Bolton, the sauve high schooler who is equal parts athlete and theater geek.

  2. Directed by

    If anyone can turn a brooding guy in a bat costume into a gritty, tortured man turned warrior, it's Christian Bale.

  3. Directed by

    Iron Man's suit may be made of twisted metal, but Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark with all heart and a little playboy finesse.

  4. Directed by

    Shia LaBeouf gives us a taste of how an ordinary guy handles mistaken identity and terrorist plots.

  5. Directed by

    Tough guy Dominic Toretto burns through L.A. streets again and Vin Diesel plays him in all his gravel-voiced glory.