2009 MTV Movie Awards


Best Kiss

  1. Directed by

    Robert Pattinson crawls through Kristen Stewart's window, 'Dawson's Creek' style, and initiates a passionate late-night makeout session on her bed.

  2. Directed by

    Angelina Jolie comes to James McAvoy's rescue with a steamy lip-lock in front of his cheating ex. Revenge is sweet.

  3. Directed by

    Dev Patel hits the jackpot when his unrequited love, Freida Pinto, demands a kiss after a beautiful reunion in the middle of a train station.

  4. Directed by

    These two clearly don't shy away from a little PDA…In the middle of the day, on a crowded San Francisco street.

  5. Directed by

    A friendly bromantic dinner turns into an unexpected intimate moment when Thomas Lennon plants a hot one on Paul Rudd.

  6. Directed by

    Vanessa Hudgens misses her high school prom, so Zac Effron brings the dance to her. The two share a romantic kiss and, of course, a duet.