2009 MTV Movie Awards


Best Female Performance

  1. Directed by

    Kristen Stewart stakes her claim as a leading lady the moment she appears on screen as simple, appealing and marginally reserved Bella Swan.

  2. Directed by

    Angelina Jolie is smoking hot and packing heat as Fox, a fearless, hardcore assassin. Foxy, indeed.

  3. Directed by

    Anne Hathaway is believable and adorable as a meek middle-school teacher, Liv. She shows off her comedic timing and her tackling skills.

  4. Directed by

    How do you love a monster who helped kill thousands? Kate Winslet makes us wonder with her gutsy performance as Hanna Schmitz, a German trolley conductor tried for war crimes.

  5. Directed by

    Taraji P. Henson makes playing the mother of a man older than she is look as easy as raising a reverse aging child.