Breakout Fandom of the Year

This award goes to a new fan favorite on the block, whose powerful fanbase exploded into a true behemoth in the past year.
The disgustingly delicious cannibal drama caught on quickly, gaining more and more fans with each bloody good episode.
Bates Motel
Fans went absolutely psycho for this TV thriller, carving out a permanent spot for it in the fandom universe.
As far as worldwide phenomenons go, 'Frozen' totally iced out the competition and successfully implanted the lyrics to "Let It Go" in the minds of fans everywhere.
Orphan Black
Sarah Manning and her endlessly interesting sisterhood of clones have had everyone cheering for this BBC original series from the start.
Sleepy Hollow
Even the threat of death by headless horseman couldn't keep fans away from this modern spin on a creepy classic.